How to: Find your own unique personal style

Find Out How to Find Your Own Personal Style: Our Tips

Do you feel like you have your own unique personal style?

Looking and feeling like your best “you” can sometimes be as easy as getting a fresh manicure, slicking on your favourite lipstick, or sharing an uplifting meal with your family and friends. But when it comes to dressing as the best version of yourself, things can get a bit trickier. Chances are, your favourite fashion choices simply can’t be narrowed down to choosing pants over skirts, or solids over patterns. Rather, personal style is a constant evolution, and can vary depending on mood, location and a myriad of other influences. Despite variances, a solid personal style can and should be developed.

Read on to find out how to find your own personal style:

Is your Personal Style Sophisticated? Shop the Capture Printed Sheath Dress
Is your Personal Style Sophisticated? Shop the Capture Printed Sheath Dress

Find Your Style Inspiration
Are you drawn to a certain celebrity’s red carpet picks? Love a certain women’s fashion collection season after season? Considering and selecting your style inspiration can help you narrow down your unique taste. We’ve always been big fans of Reese Witherspoon’s relaxed, sophisticated style, and we think the figure-flattering Capture Print Sheath Dress perfectly captures this essence.

Look Within
A closer look at your closet will help you define what your personal style really looks like. If you come across a jacket you haven’t worn in over a year, or find that pair of pants you’ve been meaning to get tailored for six months, it almost certainly means they’re just not your taste. Ridding your wardrobe of pieces you don’t genuinely love and wear will make room for garments you really do, like this new classic starry Emerge The Shirt, and will be able to stretch more mileage out of.

Make a style statement with our Star Shirt
Make a style statement with our Shirt

Killer Instincts
Chances are, your personal style reflects your overall persona: if you’re a bouncy, bubbly and outgoing person, it’s fairly safe to say you favour clothing items that reflect your upbeat attitude. For a sparkling personality, we love the bold and bright European Silk Floral Long Tunic. Alternatively, if you fare on the more traditional side, feminine, proper pieces probably speak to you; the Urban Lace Yoke Top is the perfect pick. Let your inner instincts guide you, and you’ll naturally select items that reflect your true personal style.

Leave the Trends Behind
Go beyond the seasonal trends and adopt a uniform that flatters both your figure and your tastes. If there’s a particular trend that aligns with your already established personal style, go for it! For example, if you have a ladylike hourglass physique and this season’s silhouette is all about showcasing the waist in a flattering A-Line skirt, so long as you enjoy wearing this type of garment, then we say why not! The Heine Patchwork Skirt certainly fits the bill. Otherwise, leave the trends for those not as in the know about their unique personal style, unlike you!

Is your personal style more sparkly?
Is your personal style more sparkly? Shop the Capture European Silk Tunic

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