Change It Up: 4 Ways to Wear Your Oversized Scarf This Winter

The oversized scarf is such an important piece during winter.

It’s cold and you’ll do anything you can to keep warm… enter the oversized scarf. We love wearing this around the office to stay warm, especially when the air con is playing up! But seriously our oversized jacquard scarf is perfect to wear shopping, to brunch, picking up the kids and wearing it with an streamlined coat and jeans.

The Over Sized Scarf

If you find that you that you wear scarves the same way, day in and day out… read on for 4 different ways you could wear your oversized scarf.

1. Wear scarf hanging down from your neck and belt up at the waist

The Belted Oversized Scarf

2. Holding one side each, hold out the scarf in front of you. Throw the ends over your shoulders, then bring those ends around to the opposite side and leave them to hang in front.

Wrapped Around Neck Scarf

3. Easy option: Drape it over your shoulders and wear it as a poncho.

The oversized coat worn as a poncho

4. Flatten the scarf out on the ground and fold one corner so that it makes a square on one side. From there take that corner and fold until it makes a triangle. Tie up at the front and swivel around so that the majority of the scarf sits on your chest.

The Triangle Scarf

Scarf tutorial - triangle scarf

Do you have any scarf tying tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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