Team up with Michelle Bridges this Winter
Team up with Michelle Bridges this Winter

Outsmarting the Winter Chill

Team up with Michelle Bridges this Winter

Winter may still be upon us but the good news is Spring is on its way! That’s right – we only need to bear a few more weeks of the year’s chilliest temperatures!

While Winter is great in so many ways, it’s hard to ignore that it is can be the main perpetrator for knocking us off track when it comes to staying active. It’s a breeding zone for excuses – “It’s too cold to go outside” and “I’d rather stay in bed” are just a few of the usual suspects!

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings so why not get yourself into a great new routine…NOW. EziBuy and the MB Active Team have your back so that you can kill the excuses with a killer wardrobe that will help you see out the end of Winter and get you excited for Spring.

Our latest MB Active range, Colour Block, is the ultimate in transeasonal fashion. Built on a lively palette, luxe fabrics and versatile shapes, not only does Colour Block look fabulous, it’s totally functional too.

Getting your wardrobe sorted now will equip you with the right tools to brave the last of the cold, enjoy your workout and reap all the rewards physical activity has to offer. Did you know that regular exercise can boost your energy, improve your mood and strengthen your immune system? Enough said!

Here are some of the top MB Team tricks and tips when it comes to dressing for cold weather exercise:

– Sensible layering is crucial!

– Layering is the best way to combat changes to the external temperate as well as your own internal body temperature.

– Steer clear of wearing anything that is too heavy and non adjustable. The risk of overheating is increased if you have no way of modifying your body temperature.

– Be careful not to go overboard with layers – becoming too hot will increase sweat production and moisture, which is only going to leave you feeling wet and uncomfortable.

– To minimise heat loss and moisture absorption in the cold aim for 3 layers.

– Layer 1 (closest to the body) should focus on drawing moisture away from the body so be on the lookout for ‘moisture wicking’ fabrics. Fabrics that absorb sweat will only increase moisture. The MB Active Performance Tank is a great option as the polyester elastane fabric won’t absorb sweat.

– Layer 2 (central layer) should be chosen on the basis of temperature and chosen exercise. This layer is really all about insulation. If it’s quite mild you might opt for a thin throwover, however if it’s on the chilly side you might prefer a thicker jacket. Basically, this will be the layer that you can add or remove as needed so trust your judgement. Why not try the MB Active Long Sleeve Mesh Tee? The pullover styling makes it easy to take off and put on as required and the lightweight fabrication won’t add too much bulk.

– Layer 3 (exposed layer) should ideally be able to protect you from the elements. The MB Active Zip jacket is a good outer layer option for the back end of Winter. Warm yet lightweight, you won’t overheat and the hood provides some added protection.

– Remember – the aim when layering is to stay warm and minimise heat loss. At the same time you want to avoid overheating and sweating profusely.

– You still want to be able to feel some cold to know that you haven’t gone too far with your layering.

– If the weather is particularly cold try adding a beanie and/or some gloves. Again, these are perfect for cold weather exercise because they help to minimise the amount of heat that is lost but can also be removed when necessary.

– When it comes to bottom of the body, choose what is most comfortable for you. If full-length tights make you feel too warm when working out, opt for a ¾ or knee length style. On the other hand, if ¾ or knee length styles hold you back from braving the outdoors – get hold of a full-length pair ASAP! The MB Active Full length Piped Leggings are an MB Team favourite for those chilly morning walks, while the ¾ Leggings with Mesh Panels are perfect for those sweaty HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions!

Keep warm and keep active!

xx Team MB

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