Christmas Gifts for Kids

The ‘New’ Advent Calendar

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar
DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Looking to change the way your home counts down the days until Christmas? Try a DIY Advent Calendar!

Switch out the normal chocolate advent calendar with something that can be creative, adventurous, fun, and healthy for the whole family.

Instead of opening 24 cardboard doors to bland chocolate this year, why not open up 24 doors to new and exciting experiences that your family can all take part in?

Our Advent Gingerbread House is perfect for this occasion with it’s many doors and novelty design.

Kids will enjoy the anticipation of opening up the doors to find handwritten notes inside informing them that they can stay up to watch the end of their favourite show, or that a new book is waiting for them when they hop into bed.

Like what you’re reading? We’ve complied the best idea notes to put inside an advent calendar.

  • Write out the first clue to a treasure hunt
  • Tickets to see a Christmas movie or pantomime
  • Outing: shop for a new toy to donate to a charitable organisation
  • Bake cookies together
  • Drive around your hometown looking for Christmas Lights
  • Have popcorn whilst watching a movie (tip: check out some movie ideas here)
  • Play a family game of charades
  • Unwrap a new Christmas book to read together
  • Make a night out of decorating the Christmas tree
  • Let them know that can leave a message for Santa
  • Stay up past dark and do some star-gazing

Whatever you decide, Christmas is always a special time of the year spending time with your cherished loved ones.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

What do you think of the above suggestions? Do you have some good ideas to share? We’d love to know how your DIY Advent Calendar goes with your family.


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