In the Neutral Zone
In the Neutral Zone

We’re in the Zone… The Neutral Zone that is!

Ease into the season in neutral hues and effortless, relaxed shapes. 

We take inspiration from all around the world when buying and this Autumn we couldn’t go past neutral! It’s an easy option for a fast way to a chic, timeless and classic look which will make friends envious.


Neutral Zone - Fashion Edit
We get inspired by ballet, paints, street style, interior design, blush, pleated skirts and Gwyneth Paltrow!


What is the essence of Heine? Parisian streets, bohemian, artistic, on trend with a focus on high quality.

In the Neutral Zone - Fashion Edit
Love the look? Shop new arrivals from Heine or shop the bag, sandals, sunnies, blouse, slip pants, vest and denim pants.
In the Zone - Neutral Colours
This statement jacket is the perfect way to complete an outfit. We’ll be keeping it simple by pairing ours with a white tee, skinny jeans and strappy heels or as pictured with slip pants and white blouse. Find the look above here: The Jacket, the Blouse and the Pant.
Timeless Neutral
Pair the pants with an equally neutral white top and pair with a stunning red lippie.
Chiffon Blouse for work or play
Event or work? Chiffon for both! Shop the blouse.

Are you a long-time neutral wearer? Do you have any tip and tricks for styling plainer colours? Let us know in the comments below.

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