Mini Getaways & The Perfect Outfit

Be a tourist for the day with the best outfit
On trend outfit: Shop the coat, polo neck, jeans and boots (similar).

I’m a big advocate for mini getaways.

It gives you the excitement of a holiday, without the big expense or long journeys. But even if you can’t get out of town, it can be fun to play tourist in your own city for a day – we often forget that there’s so much to see in our own backyard! Whether it’s a family outing, a girls’ weekend, or even a solo adventure, playing tourist close to home can be so eye opening.

But, what to wear? I find that the colder months are particularly challenging as climates and weather conditions can vary and change dramatically. It just takes one polar blast or torrential downpour to really ruin things for you! Plus, you never know what activities or events you might discover along the way, so how can you be prepared for anything, without bringing your whole wardrobe with you?

Here are the lessons I’ve learnt for never getting caught without the perfect outfit:

1. Have a rough itinerary
OK, so I know we’re not all ‘planners’ and many prefer the ‘see where the road takes me’ approach, but even still, it’s likely that you still have a rough idea of the kind of places, activities or events that you’d like to tick off. If you’re interested in seeing the city walks, then you know activewear and comfy footwear is essential. Or if you’re keen to check out the nightlife, then your favourite heels to swap into are essential. Having an idea in mind of what you need is the first step to narrowing down your options.

2. Versatility is key
With your itinerary in mind, think of ways that you can make the same pieces work for different occasions. Thanks to the activewear trend, it’s now totally socially acceptable to wear comfortable gear in different settings, so you may find that your activewear will take you from walk, to lunch, to the shopping malls and afternoon wine, without ever looking out of place. Of course jeans or pants, smart knitwear and a coat are always going to see you through, too – you may just need to switch out your footwear from day to evening if needed.

Think comfortable: shop top, puffer vest and jeans.
Think comfortable: shop top, puffer vest and jeans.

3. Be wary of the weather
Of course the weather will play a big role in what you decide to wear and if you need to pack anything extra. This is where layering options are best. Merino is great because it’s warm, comfortable and versatile, but also doesn’t take up a lot of room in your luggage. You can also layer it easily – a long sleeve top and a cardigan will fit comfortably under a coat or jacket. Don’t let a little rain put a dampener on things, keep a trench or showerproof jacket on hand just in case. I love that stylish raincoats are finally appearing on racks – at last we have waterproof options that we don’t have to be embarrassed about! Of course, a compact umbrella is a good idea too.

Jackets for 'just-incase': shop
Jackets for ‘just-incase’: shop Isobar Lightweight Waterproof JacketConvertible Quilted JacketLongline Thermaloft Puffer Quilted Coat (only Sapphire available) and Longline Softshell Jacket

4. A comfy carry-all
One thing you won’t regret is choosing a handbag that is comfortable to carry around all day. If you’re going to be out and about, you need something that is going to fit all your essentials – water bottle, camera, extra layers, sunglasses, while not being too cumbersome or uncomfortable on your shoulder. If you’re really going for the tourist look, a backpack might be your best option, but don’t worry, there’s some really cute ones to choose from, so no need to totally embrace your inner backpacker style.

This crew will be on high rotation this winter.
This crew will be on high rotation this winter. Shop top, jeans and shoes.

With a few essentials, you can spend the day exploring and making memories, without feeling uncomfortable or ill-prepared. What other tips do you have to share about the best travelling outfit?

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