Military Trend - red or black, what's your favourite?

Lead The March: The Military Trend

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for a uniform. Must be why I’m particularly excited to embrace the military trend in my wardrobe this season!

Smart, sophisticated and powerful, the military trend is easy to integrate into your everyday outfits. Key pieces in this trend for winter are coats and skirts, with it’s signature button details and clean-cut lines.

With fitted silhouettes, eye-catching buttons and detailing, and added embellishments such as leather and fur, military-style pieces are stylish and versatile. This trend is being seen everywhere – from streetwear, to office wear, and of course, on the catwalk. And it really is a trend that keeps on giving. Each iteration of the trend throughout fashion history tends to come with its own signature – new cuts, shapes, detailing and colours.

Why does the trend work so well?

Pair a military coat with heels. Shop jacket, top, jeans and heels.
Pair a military coat with heels. Shop jacket, top, jeans and heels.

It’s versatile and functional for a variety of occasions and purposes
From work-wear the the weekend, a military-style coat will see you through. Pair your jacket with a tailored pair of pants and heels for the office, and then switch to off-duty in jeans and trainers for the weekend – it will work perfectly for both.

Add a bit of femininity to the strong military jacket with a skirt.
Add a bit of femininity to the strong military jacket with a skirt.

It carries a slightly masculine edge yet can still work perfectly with softer, more feminine pieces
I love seeing the juxtaposition of fabric, colour and texture when pairing military style pieces with something softer or more delicate. Wear a military style jacket with a floaty and feminine skirt and heels, or add a simple camisole to a military style skirt. It helps to soften the strong lines and fabric of your military pieces, and remove the rigidity that can sometimes appear with this look. You certainly don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped out of training camp, so make sure you mix up the bolder statement pieces with feminine jewellery and softer hair.

Touches of military: button detail on the swing dress.
Touches of military: button detail on the swing dress.

It’s chic and sophisticated without being too over the top
What woman doesn’t feel like a little more empowered and confident wearing their military-style piece! The androgynous appeal of this trend is powerful and strong. I also love that it has an edgy feel but isn’t too ‘out there’ when it comes to making a statement with your outfit. Military pieces can be worn ‘boxy’, or can be worn ‘done-up’ to highlight curves – belts and buttons will pull you in at all the right places for a stylish silhouette. If you’ve gone for boxier pieces, balance out the lines with a contrasting fitted piece.

It’s super easy to work with other colours
You’ll generally see military pieces in the standard black, khaki, navy and sometimes neutral or red. This adds to its versatility as you can generally pair pieces with just about any other colour. It’s also fun to use this as a way of adding in pops of colour elsewhere on your outfit. This can be a great opportunity for a statement handbag or pair of heels – imagine a hot yellow handbag or stunning standout heels.

It’s perfect for winter
The heavier fabrics of this season’s military pieces make them ideal for this time of year. A warm wool long-line coat or trench will keep you warm and snug. With a pair of boots you’ll be set to march through winter in style!

It can be off-duty wear too
There is of course another way to embrace this trend – and that’s through it’s more relaxed counterpart. Think loose fitting khaki work shirts, oversized trench coats, boy-style military bomber jackets and khaki army coats. Combine with jeans, a knit scarf and brown ankle boots and you have a relaxed weekend look.

You’ve no doubt been spotting this trend on the racks already, so why not give it a go. Step out of your comfort zone this winter and make a statement with a military style piece – it’s such an easy way to mix things up in your wardrobe with only a couple of purchases!

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