Holiday Time

Merry Christmas from the EziBuy Team

What are the EziBuy Team up to for the holiday period? Whilst some of us are working most of us are going on leave. Find out what their plans are!

The EziBuy team wanted to share the Christmas cheer with you so we’ve pulled together a little bit about what we’re up to for the holiday.

Monica, blog writer
Monica will be spending time at the beach!

“I’m heading away with a group of friends to spend a week camping by the beach on New Zealand’s beautiful East Coast, Northland. It’s a classic Kiwi getaway – sunshine, fishing, diving, swimming, snoozes and long evenings around the bonfire with great mates. I’ll be living in my swimsuit, hat and jandals, and I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be (just as long as those summer rain storms stay away!)” Monica, Blogger for Life & Style Your Way

“I’m spending time with my family and friend in Levin at Christmas and then I have a music festival in Sydney to go to for NYE! I cannot wait to see some sunshine and wear my new shorts” James, Marketing

“I plan on spending time with family at Christmas, doing some much needed Gardening (hopefully in the sunshine) and have a bit of R&R with family and friends” Rachel Fraser, Customer Service

Evgeny is travelling to the South Island for Christmas
Evgeny is travelling to the South Island for Christmas and New Year

“I’m doing a South Island trip over Xmas and NYs. Back to the best part of New Zealand” Evgeny, IT

“I am so excited to spend a couple of weeks with my family on the Gold Coast of Queensland over Christmas and the New Year. We’ll have a fabulous time enjoying our summer and simply not having an agenda. It’s all about winding and slowing down together. I cannot wait!” Ljubenka, Model for Sara

“I’m heading over to Korea to spend a winter Christmas with my family and then going to a DIY dry flower workshop. I’m also travelling to an island inside Korea for New Years Eve!” Annie, Creative

“It’s our first Christmas away from home (and the cold weather) so my boyfriend and I are renting a Tree House in The Bay of Islands for a few days! I’m very excited to be swapping a winter coat for a beach dress on Christmas day!” Aoife, Merchandising

Barb EziBuy Christmas Tree
Barb’s Christmas Tree with pretty decorations

“I am having babies in the house for the first time in many years! It’s very exciting to have my Son, his wife and two granddaughters coming from Nelson to our place at Foxton Beach. I can’t wait for them to see my new EziBuy Xmas tree and decorations and go fishing for our dinner.” Barb, Creative

“I am off to Napier for a big family Xmas, some cycling and then we’re all heading down to Lake Hawea for some tramping and camping.” Linda, Business Analyst

Pam from the EziBuy Team is spending time with her children
Pam will be spending time with her children at the beach

“I’ll be relaxing at Whitianga in the Coromandel with family and friends.” Pam, CIO

“Spending time with family and friends, having fun in the sun in our new swimming pool. Of course, also drinking bubbles and eating yummy food.” Jillian, Customer Service

“I’m heading to Great Barrier Island for a week. I can’t want to do some tramping and kayaking plus I heard there are some amazing natural hot springs on the island” Krystal, Marketing

“I am working through the short weeks but enjoying breakfast with friends and family on Christmas Day and then an evening meal with close friends. My son is a paramedic and he is working the night of the 25th so he won’t be there for dinner but we are going to make a plate of goodies up for him to take to the station. Hopefully he will have time to eat it! The cat and I will relax in the following days and I am taking two weeks leave at the end of January and going to Coromandel for a few days and maybe a night or two on Waiheke! Merry Christmas!” Lynda, Planning Team

Jocey from the EziBuy Team
Jocey: beach, prawns and spending time at home!

“I will yet again be traveling up to the Gold Coast with my boyfriend where both our families live. We’ll be enjoying unnecessarily early morning sunrises, Christmas chocolates for breakfast, followed by excessive humidity – and then fighting over who gets to sit in front of the oscillating fan because we’re all in a food coma from eating too many prawns at lunch.” Jocey Wright, Art Director at GIRL agency

“For the first time in over 15 years, my immediate family will be together for Christmas, with my brother home from the UK. White bait fritters and slow roast lamb on the menu! Then we are all heading to Lake Taupo for a lazy, hopefully hot, holiday.” Anna, Merchandising

“I’ll be spending my time painting these holidays! We’ll also be travelling from Auckland to the Hawkes Bay for our annual NYE celebrations with our close family friends. It’s something we look forward to every year” Geoff, Homeware Photographer

Jo's Christmas Plans
Jo Talbot will be spending time at Mollymook on the NSW coast.

“I am spending Christmas day with Rick Stein (well he probably won’t be there) but I’ll be eating his food and enjoying his hospitality in Mollymook on the NSW coast.” Jo Talbot, Creative Director, GIRL Agency

“I’m heading down the coast from my hometown Melbourne in Australia to spend time discovering new cafes and restaurants, I wouldn’t be surprised if I go up a belt size come the New Year!” Rodney, Homeware Stylist

“Between spending time with family at our pool and on the boat in Lake Taupo I’ll be bringing together the catalogue for this coming Home season!” Amanda, Homeware Art Director

“I’m spending my Christmas and New Year in New Plymouth with family. We plan on climbing Mount Taranaki and celebrating New Years with a big backyard fest for friends who are coming from around the country” Holly, Homeware Producer

“I’m having a 3 day family party that includes BBQs, games and plenty dancing in Auckland and then I will be scuba diving around the Bay of Islands! I cannot wait to enjoy some fun family time and discover the amazing NZ sea life” Loida, Customer Insights

“I’m having Christmas with our family in Auckland then spending some time relaxing in the Coromandel.  Looking forward to the first Christmas with our new daughter that was born in May and the first year our 3 year old will have a good understanding of Mr. Claus coming to visit us down the chimney!” Catherine, Customer Insights

Maureen, from the Customer Service EziBuy Team

“This Christmas my youngest daughter is coming home on the 23rd December from a University Scholarship in Dublin and it’s also my gorgeous Grandsons first Christmas so she will be meeting her nephew for the first time. We will all be together for Christmas, making it extra special” Maureen, Customer Support

Jacqui from GIRL AGENCY

“I am planning to relax, kick back, see sunrises and chillax.” Jacqui, General Manager, GIRL agency

Elizabeth Holiday

“I am up for an adventure this break. My partner, my son and I are flying over to West Papua to go scuba diving every day and will be staying in a bamboo hut… Just for something completely out of the ordinary!” Elizabeth Wilmott, Creative Director, GIRL agency

So now that the EziBuy Team has shared what they’ve been up to, we’d love to know what your plans are for the festive season. Let us know in the comments about what you plan to do this Christmas and New Year!

We hope that you have the best Christmas and wish you well for the new year.

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