Meet the Producer: Rebecca Moore
The producer of our fashion photoshoots, Rebecca Moore.

Meet the Producer: Rebecca Moore

Meet the Producer: Rebecca Moore
One of our producers of the fashion photoshoots, Rebecca Moore.

What happens here at EziBuy? Who are the people who bring EziBuy fashion to life? Meet one of our producers for our fashion photoshoots: Rebecca Moore.

As a producer for EziBuy for the last 4 years, and Mum to three boys, this multi-tasker extraordinaire brings it all together for us on set. Being a foodie comes in handy too, as she keeps the crew under control by regularly treating them to Eggs Benedict!

We asked Rebecca Moore a couple of questions to get to know here a little bit better.

What do you really like from the EziBuy Collection?
I have loads of EziBuy pieces but I’ve picked out two of my favourites; the Capture Shawl Collar Coat and the Emerge Boyfriend Jeans.

Hampton Linen Curtain Set
Shop the Hampton Linen Curtain Set

Is there anything that you really want to buy from the EziBuy collection?
The Hampton Linen Curtains!

The Aromatherapy Co. Gardener Gift Set
The Aromatherapy Co. Gardener Gift Set

Is there anything that you want to give to someone?
I think that the new Aromatherapy Co. Hand Lotion and Hand Wash is the perfect gift.

So now that you’ve meet Rebecca Moore, is there anyone else that you’d like to learn more about from the EziBuy team? You can pick from our retail team members, visual merchandisers, photographers,¬†marketers, insights analysts, stylists and many more people. Let us know in the comments below!


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