James, one of our Marketing Campaign Specialists
James, one of our Marketing Campaign Specialists

What does James do as a Marketing Campaign Specialist?

Marketing Campaign Specialist James at work at EziBuy
James, one of our Marketing Campaign Specialists

STAFF PROFILES: Marketing Campaign Specialist, James answers all our hard-hitting questions about what he gets up to each day, perks of working at EziBuy, the best advice he’s been given and the skills needed to work in the fashion industry.

What do you do at EziBuy? What’s your job title and department?
I work at EziBuy as a Marketing Campaign Specialist – basically I work with our Sales and Promotions team to help create, HTML Code and send the emails to our customers.

What is a typical day like for you? Who do you deal with?
My days tend to be very busy! The Merchandising and Planning team will let me know what promotions are to going ahead and I will work with the eCommerce team so we can provide each other with what we will both be needing. I then go ahead and do my best to build creative around the upcoming promotion.

How do you balance your work to life ratio? What are some barriers for you?
Fortunately this is a role in which I am mostly able to leave my work at work. Although I don’t force myself to have barriers with it, if I see things at home or when I’m out that give me inspiration for something at work then I take notice of it.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
“You can’t fill a hat with maybe’s.”

What is the best advice you’d give someone, particularly those who are starting out their career in fashion?
You don’t have to dress accordingly.

List 3 skills you need in your position

  • – You need to think outside the box from time to time.
  • – Be able to work to a deadline, constantly.
  • – Patience. A lot of the work that I do is subjective so if you get enough people, some will always disagree.

Are there any perks to working at EziBuy?
Being able to borrow clothes from the sample room after I spill coffee on my top. This has happened more than once.

What do you enjoy the most about working at EziBuy?
The people!

Tell us about your wardrobe. What is your favorite items to go from a business meeting to after work drinks in town?
Fortunately the dress code here is quite casual as my wardrobe certainly reflects that. A plain black t shirt and some jeans tends to be my staple. I am also partial to a good set of cargo pants – they will be back in soon enough!

What are you really want from our collection?
Plain black tee’s. I also like the Southcape shirts, they are always a good fit!

What do you think of James’ job? Think you could be our next Marketing Campaign Specialist? Check out the latest job listings here.

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