Loida in Ibiza

Hailing from Ibiza, Meet Loida from our Insights Team

Loida in Ibiza

When I found out that Loida was from Ibiza, I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was mythical that she was from Ibiza.

I guess this shows my ignorance, so I wanted to get to know her a little bit more. Does she have any tips for someone who would like to visit Ibiza and what was her path into her Insights role at EziBuy?

Hi Loida! Are you able to let me know what do you do at EziBuy?
I currently work as an analyst within the Insights team. I very much enjoy getting to know more our customers through analysis.

How did you find your way into this career path?
I guess I am a curious and sceptic person naturally. I discovered my passion for research and insights during my time at university and decided it was the path to follow professionally.

Where did you grow up? Tell us about where you’re from:
I grew up between the countryside and the beach in a multicultural and cosmopolite little island. Ibiza is a place where anything goes and truly advocates for a free lifestyle.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to visit Ibiza?
Definitely! From crystal clear beaches to Mediterranean peaceful forests passing through exciting nightlife, Ibiza has much to offer. I would suggest to skip the tourist track and adventure yourself to meet the locals and discover the real Ibiza. Beautiful people, landscapes, food and drinks and many others await!

Are there any food specialities in Ibiza?
Ibiza cuisine is wide and varied and based on fresh high quality ingredients. From BBQ meats to fish stews, stunning sea food, traditional paella, ‘flao’ (Ibiza’s traditional peppermint cheesecake) and many others. The list is so long you will be spoilt with choices.

In addition to it, international cuisine is widely available in the island providing overall a stunning offer for the tourist and locals.

Food from Ibiza

Did you have any favorite things to do in Ibiza?
Life in Ibiza revolves around the sea like in many places of New Zealand. Almost everyone I know works, lives and/or entertains himself in the sea and I guess I wasn’t different from that. My favourite place to be was the beach and still does nowadays.

Why did you move to New Zealand?
I moved to New Zealand after meeting my partner who is a born and bred Kiwi. He managed to drag me all the way down and across the world!

Is there anything from EziBuy that your own and love?
I personally believe that details make a difference and this is why I love my Ezibuy towels from the Home range. They have a delicate floral detail in the white cotton that makes them beautifully classy. They are also great quality which means I can wash them over and over and still look brand new. I love the subtle way they speak charm in our bathroom.

Is there anything from EziBuy that you’re lusting over?
Yes indeed, I am looking forward the sunshine this summer and wearing any of the white and crisp dresses from the Resort catalogue. They are so Ibiza, I feel I’m back home!


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