Our Linda Rodin Style File – Steal Her Style!

On the cusp of entering her 70th decade, Linda Rodin shows no sign of slowing down.

The silver-haired beauty’s perspective on fashion and style, to her attitude towards aging is un-filtered, honest and refreshing. At 68 years old the model/stylist/beauty guru is chic, but not precious, instead embodying a unique mix of classic and traditional style with a youthful flare.

Growing up in Roslyn, New York, Linda Rodin was the middle of three children. Her father, Walter, was a dentist, and her mother, Billie, a creative who worked in many artistic jobs ranging from interior design to sculpture. Both Linda’s siblings have a creative flare with her younger brother, Robert, an architect and older sister, Christine, a photographer.

“Chasing youth is never going to make you happy and if you start worrying about it, you’re screwed.”

At 17 Linda moved to the city to study liberal arts at New York University; however this was short lived due to her following her boyfriend to Italy. She soon found out she loved Italy more than her boyfriend and stayed long after he returned. Living all around Italy, Linda quickly picked up the language and completed a stint of modeling.

Returning to New York at 22, Linda decided to pursue a career in photography but her sister, Christine, declared that Linda “wasn’t the best photographer” but she picked “the best clothes” quickly ending Linda’s amateur photography career. It was then that Linda realized she “had an eye” for fashion and style.

Linda then moved onto opening one of the first boutique shops in Soho in 1979, working as an editor for Harpers Bazaar and then beginning to free-lance as a stylist from 1983. She has worked with countless models, movie stars, big brands, Madonna, Cher and Victoria Secret included. When she was 59 she set up her own successful Beauty company, Rodin Olio Lusso, due to her inability to find skincare products and makeup that she liked. Rodin Olio Lusso was the main catalyst for the resurgence in using natural, non-toxic essential oils in a market dominated by ‘oil-free’ beauty products. Rodin Olio Lusso is currently stocked at the beauty shop Mecca.

Throughout this time the contemporary fashionista has become a pin-up muse for women of all ages. Incredibly modest and down to Earth, Linda is still perplexed with all the attention she has been receiving, “Now I’m [68] and a style icon, it makes me laugh”. Thanks to the new trend of ‘Advanced style’ (celebrating older women’s’ fashion) a resurgence of including older women in influential fashion campaigns has become apparent. Linda has been the star of many, modeling for Coach, The Row, and featuring in our very own Karen Walker’s 2013 sunglass campaign, “Forever Summer”. 

Karen Walker and Linda Rodin at the designer's Fall 2013 show in New York.
Karen Walker and Linda Rodin at the designer’s Fall 2013 show in New York. Image: Getty

Social Media Following:
With the help of her beloved silver-haired poodle, Winky, the two of them have amassed over 122K followers on their Instagram @lindaandwinks. Rarely receiving gifts from designers, Linda’s Instagram is refreshingly unbiased and shows an honest view of her choices in fashion. She laughs the lack of gifts down to her age, “I’m too elderly”. A fan favourite on Pinterest, she is regularly pinned on mature fashion, style and beauty boards. Constantly being stopped on the street by younger women wanting a selfie, Linda states that they tell her “they’d like their mothers or grandmothers to dress a bit more boldly.”

On personal style:
Linda is known for her trademark silver hair, bright lips and fabulous glasses. Going gray at 35 and realizing she needed glasses at 58, Linda firmly maintains her ‘Look’ found her. She believes in embracing age the best you can and letting your personalized style organically evolve. Figuring out what you do and don’t like and wearing what makes you feel the best/comfortable. Her personal wardrobe is extensive, cultivated and rarely culled. Linda’s obviously innate style achieved with seemingly minimal effort is the envy of all around her, albeit she maintains it’s easy to achieve, with healthy eating, a lot of sleep and keeping her beauty regime simple. Oh and two glasses of “crisp New Zealand white wine” everyday.

3 Classic Rodin Looks

Linda Rodin Denim Outfit
Denim Top, Sunglasses, Skirt and Espadrilles

1. Linda Rodin is a huge fan of denim and loves wearing it. Add jewellery and her signature glasses to re-create this incredibly effortless look that fits in Linda’s life mantra of “beauty in simplicity”.

Linda Rodin Stripe Top and Denim Jeans
Stripe Top, Sunglasses, Denim Jeans and Next Necklace

2. All you need to achieve this look is a belt, a long line blazer and of course some glasses. Use the belt over the top of the blazer to cinch in the waist and accentuate your natural curves. Add either a long skirt (as worn by Rodin below) or pants. This is a staple Rodin outfit and is perfect for smarter occasions.

Denim Jacket & Mustard Top - Linda Rodin
Heine Denim Jacket, Capture Tie Top (or summer style – Capture Ruffle Sleeve Shell Top) and Next Belt

3. The final classic look is another casual style, pairing a blouse with a denim jacket creating an uncomplicated chic look. Adding a belt with a long skirt or pants again compliments the body and creates an eye line of where you waist is. This is another versatile look that can be worn throughout the day. Dress up with a bold lip and your favourite glasses for that added Rodin factor.

Linda Rodin’s Tips: (all what she has said)

– Dress to look best for yourself, not for the validation of others
– Know your silhouette and dress according to what best suits it or what makes you feel the best/comfortable
– Once you have found a garment that is perfect for you, buy the same style in different colours
– Start with basic shapes and embellish with shoes and some small accessories
– Remember there is beauty in simplicity
– The root of looking good is feeling good
– You have to get old and embrace it and do the best you can. You can’t try to be young forever
– Be kind of true to yourself. For me, if the greatest thing came out and it didn’t look good on me, I wouldn’t buy it. I would hang up a picture of it.
– Not everything’s going to look good on everybody, but there’s enough stuff that will. So I think you just have to really figure out what looks good on you and be honest with yourself

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