New Leather Handbags! P.S Your Leather Needs Some Love & Attention

Leather Handbags - how to care for them
Anna wears the Leather Shoulder Bag in Tan, Leather Cross Body Bag in Navy and the Leather Belt

If there is a fabric that every wardrobe should feature in some way, shape or form, and it’s leather. And while we’re at it, leather handbags!

From leather jackets and skirts to leather handbags, shoes and accessories, it’s a versatile fabric that has stood the test of time through the good fashion trends, and admittedly, the not so good!

Given that leather is such an enduring fashion trend, when you invest in a quality leather piece, you want it to last. And while the aged effect is part of the character and beauty of leather, taking time to understand the best way to take care of your leather items will ensure they still maintain their texture and appearance for a while to come.

Choose a leather that lasts
The first step in making sure your leather items age beautifully is to actually choose a leather that is designed to last. At Ezibuy, we’ve chosen a new range of leather handbags made out of goat leather, because it is known to be more durable than cow leather, softer and more flexible. Its softness and suppleness is due to the presence of lanolin in the leather, however it is also strong, hard-wearing and water-resistant. As you can expect, the combination of these qualities make it perfect for handbags.

Looking after your goat skin leather
Any product made from natural leather is prone to aging – this is called ‘patina’ – and simply comes with the natural wear and tear that our leather accessories are put through. It’s these marks that add a little character to our leather items, however what you do want to avoid is cracks and breakages.

Leather loses moisture over time, meaning that it can be prone to breaking rather than stretching. It’s therefore important to keep your leather supple and moisturised by using a leather care product to replace those oils (note – always do a test patch first to ensure the product doesn’t change the colour or damage your leather).

While goatskin in particular is easy to clean, it’s still important to follow some simple cleaning and care steps to keep it looking gorgeous.

NEW ARRIVALS: Handbags and Wallets
NEW ARRIVALS: Handbags and Wallets

Here are our tips for taking care of your most-loved leather accessories:

– Small dirt marks on the finished side of leather can usually be erased simply with a little warm water and little bit of a rub. If it’s a more stubborn mark, there are leather cleaning products available which should do the trick.

– It is however important that you don’t rub too vigorously. A patient approach is best when it comes to leather – rub lightly, as if you rub with heavy pressure, you are more likely to damage the finish of the leather.

– It’s not ideal for your leather accessories to get saturated, but sometimes getting caught out by rain or water splashes in simply unavoidable. If you do find your leather has got wet, simply wipe it with a dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally – don’t attempt to force dry it with heat.

– If you think the chances of your leather getting wet may be high, then consider getting your hands on a leather water-proofing product to help protect your items.

– It’s also recommended that you apply a leather conditioner prior to waterproofing, just so you can be sure to lock in the oils and moisture and maintain the suppleness.

– Don’t store your leather under conditions of high humidity, or anywhere where the might have the potential to grow mildew (unfortunately, many a beautiful handbag has suffered after a damp, cold winter!). Of course, keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading, and when not in use keep leather handbags, shoes and accessories in dust bags to help protect them.

With these easy care steps, and a little TLC, your leather handbags and accessories will remain trusty and treasured wardrobe items throughout the seasons! If you have some more tried-and-tested leather-care tips, share them below.


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