Layering with Scarves! Wear them and layer up with your winter knits. Style 149677 and 149504
Layering with Scarves! Wear them and layer up with your winter knits. Style 149677 and 149504

Get to Know How to Use Layering Like a Stylist

Layering with Scarves! Wear them and layer up with your winter knits. Style 149677 and 149504
Layering with Scarves! Wear them and layer up with your winter knits. Shop the look: Emerge V Neck Swing Knit and Scarf

One of the best things about the cooler months is rugging up in layers. Not only because it makes you feel snug and comforted at all times, but it’s also a simple way to get more wear out of each item of clothing. Read more to get to know layering..

Layering allows you to wear one outfit many different ways and mix different seasons all into one to give you an effortless, unique and constructed look for any occasion. It means you can easily throw on a cardigan or top rather than having to rug up under coats or jackets.

Plus, it’s unbelievably easy to achieve, it all comes down to ensuring you have good base layers on and choosing one or two statement pieces per outfit.

Here’s how to make layering work for your winter wardrobe this year:

Base layering
Wearing a fitting base layer is a great way to incorporate pieces from your wardrobe which would normally be bound solely to the warmer months.

Merino clothing is a light, soft and accessible choice for using as your base layer. Wearing a thin and fitting block colour merino top as a base layer with one of your favourite summer dresses or tops is an easy way to add more depth to your wardrobe. If you have black, white or grey dresses, try a striped merino top underneath instead to mix it up.

The same holds true for the bottom half base layer. Thick stockings or leggings can make a huge difference to an outfit. They’re perfect if you have dresses or skirts that you love over summer and want to transition into your winter wardrobe. A nice pair of black leggings paired with boots is a foolproof way to season-proof your favourite frocks!

If the dress/skirt is plain, try adding textured or patterned stockings to the look. Patterned or textured stockings can be such a simple way to transform a look and make it unique to you (not to mention stockings often make the outfit a lot more comfortable to wear). Plus there’s of course the (rather significant) added bonus of being warm at all times!

Big scarves
Big scarves are in! Big scarves are a fab addition to the wardrobe for many reasons. They can instantly transform an outfit by adding colour, warmth and depth to your look. Once you own a big scarf you will also find you are able to wear it numerous ways on numerous occasions, with the added bonus of being able to use for a makeshift snuggle blanket on the couch (big scarf owners will vouch for this).

Next time you go to step out the door, grab your big scarf and use it as a shawl or drape, it looks effortless while transforming the whole outfit.

Soft beautiful texture.
So you have your base layers, now try a textured top. A thick chunky sleeveless knit or roll neck with incisions up the side of the torso is perfect here. Otherwise, throw on an over-size cardigan, a poncho or a cape – perfect for taking your office wear through to evening chic.

Oversized clothes are perfect.
If you have a favourite loose-fitting sweater or cardigan, an easy way to mix up how you wear it is to wear a flowing shirt underneath it. You can turn the collar over the sweater’s neck and allow the bottom of the shirt to flow out from the bottom of it, giving you a casual day time look with a twist.

Don’t forget your feet
Yes, that’s right – socks can even get involved! Chunky knitted or woollen socks can easily add to an outfit as well, giving a rustic and boho look. Next time you’re wearing your favourite boots with jeans or stocking, add a pair of long woollen socks and pull them up past your boots. This gives any outfit an easy rugged feel, while keeping your legs and feet nice and warm.

Playing around with layers allows you to mix up your wardrobe with just a few simple pieces. Start with a snug, well-fitting base layer and you can experiment with all different types of styles to create versatile outfits for day and night.

What’s your secret to layering up without looking bulky? Share your tips in the comments section.

Shop the layering looks above: Capture Cardigan and Capture Collared Coat

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