Lace Fashion for the Festive Season

Where to Wear Your Lace Dress: Festive Fashion Edition

Timeless, versatile and feminine; lace continues to reinvent itself in fashion to remain relevant across all sorts of styles, especially the lace dress.

Lace Fashion for the Festive Season
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Don’t worry, if a girly, frilly look is not your thing, you can still include a little lace in your life. From lace tops and lace dresses through to handbags and simple detailing, lace is featuring on both ethereal and edgy pieces alike. While once reserved for more formal attire because of it’s elegant look, lace is now so versatile it’s seen paired with contrasting fabrics such as denim and leather for casual fashion with an edge.

“With invites filling your calendar, a wardrobe refresher with exquisite embellishments like lace is on the cards. Whatever you fancy, unwind and celebrate in style!” Tim Fawaz, CEO

Where will you wear your lace this Spring/Summer? Maybe to the races...
Where will you wear your lace this Spring/Summer? Maybe to the races… Emerge Structured Lace Dress and Capture Chloe Sandal Heel

If you’re loving the lace look this season, here’s our tips for including this glamour fabric in your wardrobe in all sorts of ways.

The short sleeve dress

Before we detract from lace’s fashion heritage, we need to first acknowledge the classic lace dress. A timeless number that has stood the test of time as the perfect formal go-to. Beautiful detailing over a plain slip is perfect understated elegance. So, if you’re ever in a situation where you don’t know how formal or how dressed-down to go, a longer-sleeved lace dress is the ideal option to have at hand. Lace provides a simple yet sexy silhouette, while the short sleeves give your look a more conservative edge, ensuring it is appropriate for a range of occasions. What’s more, when paired with a blazer and a pair of tights, your short sleeved lace dress transforms into corporate attire with a twist. Win!

Capture Split Sleeve Dress

The weekend blouse

A soft, flowing blouse with details of lace is a weekend piece that will take you from play date to dinner date and everything in between. Match your lace top with a simple pair of skinny blue jeans, and boots or ballet flats, and you can create a simple yet feminine go-to weekend look.

A cocktail number

We’ve already established that lace has a classic elegance that can’t be beaten when it comes to getting dressed up. Every woman needs a cocktail dress to call on for evenings out, so you can’t go wrong adding a little lace into the mix. Go for something with lace cap sleeves or a laced bodice with contrasting skirt. If you want to enhance your curves, try a peplum style cocktail dress. It’ll also serve you well as the perfect option for a high tea with the girls or a summer garden party.

A turn-it-up tee

Casual doesn’t have to mean boring. A simple tee converts into a stylish piece when it has lace detailing. It can be dressed up or down and worn for a range of occasions, from the weekend to the workplace. Pair with jeans, boots and a long-line cardi and you have a gorgeous weekend look nailed. Slip it on with a pencil skirt and blazer and getting dressed for work just got a whole lot easier – no mucking around ironing a shirt!

The street style sweater

As with the lace-trimmed tee, a crew neck sweatshirt with lace detailing adds a hint of extra edginess that transforms a simple top into something a little more stylish. Once again, it means your sweater becomes a bit more versatile as you can get away with wearing it in a number of different settings. It’s simple enough to wear with jeans and sneakers for a casual look, or pair with black skinny pants and heels and your look will work for an evening out.

Boho beauty

There’s no fashion style where lace is more at home than in earthy and ethereal boho-style pieces. From floaty maxi dresses to soft blouses and cute shorts, lace adds a feminine touch to our fashion as we head out of the thick layers and darker colours of our winter wardrobes. This look is perfect for a picnic or a weekend at the beach.

So, how will you wear your lace this Spring/Summer? As you can see it doesn’t have to be all girly dresses when it comes to wearing lace! While innately feminine, when paired with other fabrics and more casual styles, lace can be edgy and stylish for a variety of occasions.

Tell us about your favourite lace piece in the comments section below.

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