Seeing all your clothes piling up? Learn how to wash clothes properly
Seeing all your clothes piling up? Learn how to wash clothes properly

How to: Wash Clothes

Seeing all your clothes piling up? Learn how to wash clothes properly
Seeing all your clothes piling up? Learn how to wash clothes properly

Learn how to wash clothes: Laundry is one of those chores that no matter how much you hate it or how much you love it, it can’t be avoided. No one likes piles of dirty washing or wearing clothes that aren’t crisp and fresh. So, whether you’re someone who does a load a day, or you prefer to wait til your basket is piled high, there’s no escaping the laundry!

Getting systematic about your laundry can often make it a lot more enjoyable. You’ve probably heard it before, but sorting your clothes and washing them in groups according to their colour and material will give you a result that makes the little bit of effort worthwhile. You’ll also diminish the risk of dyes in different fabrics running in the machine and ruining the original colours of your clothing. There are even washing baskets designed to help you segment your laundry to make sorting a breeze.

Here are the top three rules for sorting your washing:

Lights & darks – Rule number one is to always separate your light and dark coloured clothing. Any clothes that are white, cream, or a light, pale pastel colour, should go in a separate ‘whites’ pile because these colours are more at risk of losing their colour and being stained with darker and other bright colours.

Sort by fabric – Aside from separating your clothes based on their colour, you’ll also need to make a decision about separating certain fabrics. Some fabrics, like denim or toweling need a thorough and heavier wash than your silky lingerie or special lace jacket (which either needs to be washed on a delicate cycle or by hand).

Delicates – If you have a piece of clothing that you’re aware is delicate, think first about whether you think it will withstand the washing machine or whether you’d be safer washing it in the tub. If you are going to put a delicate item on machine wash, you can add a layer of safety by putting your clothing in a wash-bag, this will stop snags and help to reduce the risk of holes or pulling.

Bonus tip – stop losing your pairs! Our top tip for reducing your washing troubles is all about socks (you know, those things that mysteriously leave your machine mid-wash, never to be seen again). How do they even do that? Let us solve all your mismatched sock problems, once and for all! Place a box of safety pins in your laundry. And, before you throw your socks in, pin together your pairs so that they have no choice but to also come out together. No more games, socks!

We know we don’t need to tell you to wash your underwear, socks, singlets and undergarments after every wear—this is non-negotiable stuff. However, we do know that laundry is often the last thing you feel like after a long day at work. Get creative, try out our tips and share with your household to ensure you’re always taking the best care of your clothes. What other tips can you share for washing success?

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