How to: Wardrobe Organising

Organise your wardrobe
Do you often stand in front of your bursting wardrobe and think ‘I have nothing to wear’?

And it’s not because you don’t have enough clothes, but rather because your closet is in such a state that you can’t even see your pieces to put together an outfit! Rushing before work, changing outfits and hurriedly putting away clean laundry can see your wardrobe quickly become a disaster zone. If clothes thrown over the chair in your bedroom, shoes spilling out in a jumbled heap on the floor and drawers bursting with rumpled clothes sounds like your reality, then you’re not alone. You need to start the process of wardrobe organising.

Organising your wardrobe and maintaining that order can be a challenge. If you’re short on space, or you simply want to restore order to your wardrobe, we’ve got six awesome wardrobe hacks for you to try.

But first things first, you need to get into your closet for a ruthless clothes cull! Pare down your wardrobe to only items that you really need. If there’s anything that you haven’t worn since last season, that doesn’t fit you or is so far out of fashion that it’s no longer flattering, then it’s time for it to go. Create a pile of clothes to donate in a clothing bin, a pile for items that are ready for a trash, and a pile of items that you want to try to sell. Once that’s sorted, you’re now in a better position to get start your wardrobe organising.

1. Get a system

Start by devising a hanging system that works for you – this might be that you hang clothes depending on what type of item they are. For example you might hang all your shirts together, all your trousers together, and all your dresses together. You might want to simply split up by professional clothes, casual and evening wear. Or you may choose to hang clothes by outfit – so if you have a shirt and skirt that you always wear together, hang them side by side. And while you may not have the luxury of a wardrobe like Kim Kardashian, you can steal a little tip from her. She takes a snap of herself in an outfit, prints it off, then attaches it to the coat hanger to make it easier to decide what to wear. The hard part is staying disciplined and sticking to your system – but believe me, it will pay off!

2. Double your space

If hanging space is of a premium in your closet, then double your space with this nifty little trick. Attach a soda can tab to the hook of one coat hanger, and then hook another coat hanger through the other hole, so that you can hang clothes on it, without needing more rack space.

3. Hang up scarves

Do you have lots of scarves taking up space in your wardrobe? Get a packet of shower curtain rings and attach along a coat hanger. Hang your scarves through the loops – now you’ll always be able to find the perfect one for your outfit! Attach a hook to the inside of your wardrobe door and hang this hanger there so they are always handy.

4. Add baskets

Attach wire baskets to the inside of your wardrobe door for storing items such as handbags, purses, gloves, hats and belts. You could also attach towel rails so that you have extra hanging space. These are great if you’re someone who struggles to know what to wear in the morning. You can plan your outfit the night before, and then hang it on this rail so it’s all ready to go. No more deliberating in front of the mirror for ages!

5. Sort out your shoes

There are a number of ways that you can get your shoe pile sorted. Use tiered shoe racks in the bottom of your closet to keep your pairs tidy. Wine boxes with the cardboard dividers are a good cheap option for storing sandals and flats. Purchase some clear plastic shoe boxes and stack them either on your wardrobe floor or on a shelf above your clothes rail. Because they’re clear, you will always be able to spot the pair you’re after. For tall winter boots, either hang these using trouser clip coat hangers, or cut up a pool noodle to the right length and insert into your boots to keep them standing up straight!

6. Store seasonally

As the season starts to change, get into your closet and take out anything that you’re not going to wear for a few months. At the end of winter, take out your coats, jackets and layering pieces and put them in plastic container – for example one that fits under your bed, or at the top of a wardrobe, or you could also use a suitcase.

There are many more tips and tricks for making the most of your wardrobe space while also making your life easier. What are your favourites or what hacks have you implemented in your own home for wardrobe organising? Share them below and help others get their wardrobe dilemmas sorted!

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