How to choose workout wear

How to choose workout wear

There is little in life more invigorating than launching into a good workout after a stressful day. Activities such as jogging, cardio and yoga are all great ways to get the endorphins pumping. However, achieving a successful workout isn’t as simple as plugging in your headphones and jogging off into the sunset – appropriate fitness wear is essential to ensure that you stay dry, cool, and get the most of of your efforts! If you find yourself wondering how to choose workout wear, then read on.

How to choose workout wear: Fabrics to keep you dry

It’s a simple fact of life that a real workout will lead to some perspiration which may leave you feeling clammy. Because of this, it is very important to clothe yourself in fabrics which keep you dry and help to regulate your temperature during your work out.

Cotton is good for short bursts of exercise as it is incredibly absorbent and will pull the moisture away from your body. Note that cotton isn’t the ideal fabric for long periods of exercise, as its high absorbency will cause it to become very damp. This may lead to skin irritation, or cause you to catch a chill if you are still wearing it once your workout is over.

There are a range of synthetic or merino blends which are designed specifically for exercise wear. These are the ideal choice when choosing your new exercise gear as they will often have very good wicking properties which pull moisture away from your body whilst drawing air in towards your skin, achieving optimum dryness and comfort. Mesh segments on exercise wear are also good in this regard, as they allow air to circulate while you exercise.

A Triumph work out vest is ideal, as it is made from a fabric with fantastic moisture management capacity, and also includes mesh panels. If you’re looking for a natural fibre, try a Merino Isobar tank.

Finding the right fit

When investing in fitness wear, consider which fit is most appropriate for your workout style. Firm-fitting clothing is the most appropriate choice for those of us who enjoy using special equipment at the gym – after all, you don’t want your baggy t-shirt getting caught up with the machinery! Exercise tights are a nice, more fitting alternative to track suit pants.

Yoga and similar stretch based exercises require you to be able to breathe and move very freely – so slightly looser fits, or very stretchy pieces are your best bet.

If you are keen on exercising outdoors, you need to factor the weather into your clothing choices. A good raincoat is definitely a worthwhile investment, and will help ward off the temptation to skip a session when the clouds are looking a little grey. Likewise, jumpers and tops with hoods are a good idea not just for keeping you dry but also to protect your ears from unpleasant cold breezes.

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