Memory Foam Pillow
"After 12 Months of searching and purchasing 4 other pillows, this pillow is perfect for me, firm and comfy rolled into one, I've had mine for about 3 Months now and its still comfy as day I received it so I am about to order another for back up. Thanks Ezibuy....too easy!" Marie

How to choose the right pillow just for you

Memory Foam Pillow
“After 12 Months of searching and purchasing 4 other pillows, this pillow is perfect for me, firm and comfy rolled into one, I’ve had mine for about 3 Months now and its still comfy as day I received it so I am about to order another for back up. Thanks Ezibuy….too easy!” Marie

Cotton, rectangle, fibre, soft, cylindrical, firm, goose-down, latex, square. Whatever shape or style you go for, all that matters when it comes to a pillow is that you get a good night’s sleep! But with so many choices in manchester and bedding it can be hard to figure out what’s right for you and your routine.

Choosing the best bedroom pillow for your individual tastes and requirements can help to relieve ailments, help in achieving a rested body and mind, and make you happier and healthier.

Let’s take a look at where you could start:

Choosing a suitable material
For many of us, nothing trumps a classic cotton pillow. Perfect for all year round due to their light, breathable material, cotton pillows are a definite go-to – and they’re machine washable! Cotton pillows are suitable to all sleeping styles – whether you sleep on your back, side or front.

If you have allergies, hay fever or sensitive skin, choosing the right material can be quite important. Hypo-allergenic pillows can greatly benefit allergy sufferers and help lead to a better night’s sleep.

While cotton and silk are both naturally hypoallergenic, the density of latex helps reduce dust-mites and the risk of triggering allergies. Both cotton pillows and cotton pillowcases have reduced chemical sensitivities, so may also be beneficial. Hypo-allergenic pillows are also great for babies and their sensitive skin.

Choosing between cotton and silk pillowcases is a toughie. Because both materials are naturally hypoallergenic, they offer relief from the irritation and discomfort that other materials may cause. The soft and light feel of cotton, as well as its durability, is perhaps what makes it so popular. Silk on the other-hand is smooth and cool, so it isn’t too abrasive on skin or hair and can be refreshing on humid evenings. It’s breathable and lightweight, yet insulating, meaning it can help to regulate sleeping temperatures. Both silk and cotton are also eco-friendly materials. While both have their benefits, choosing between cotton and silk ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Finding the right support for you
Finding a pillow with the right support level for you and your personal requirements can often be a process of trial and error. However, memory foam pillows are an option which cater to a range of support levels.

Memory-foam pillows contour to the shape of your neck and head and elevate, meaning they offer individual levels of support. The density of memory-foam pillows is well-suited to both side-sleepers and back-sleepers. They offer better alignment and firm, yet comfortable, support. They’re also quite durable and hold their shape well, meaning they don’t sag or flatten as quickly as other styles.

Choosing a latex bedroom pillow can also have this advantage. Latex pillows are dense and robust and therefore make a great neck support pillow. On the other hand, bolster pillows, offer reliable arm and back support. Their cylindrical shape makes them easy to fit behind your other pillows and you can adjust them with ease. Bolster pillows are varied in filling – cotton, fibre or down – which means you can choose the density that suits you and your support level.

And for that added support…
If you sleep a certain way, there is most likely a pillow that is suited to your style better than another.

During pregnancy a body pillow can provide comfort and support. Its body-length size and polyester filling is also suited to those of us who like to hug something while we sleep. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows are also suitable due to their density and the support they can provide to the neck and head.

European Pillows are also a reliable choice. Available in both cotton and fibre filling, Euro pillows are twice the size of a standard pillow. They’re perfect for propping yourself up in bed, so offer versatility and comfort.

The value of a good night’s sleep
Pillows are important in ensuring a good night’s sleep and help keep us performing at our best. The right bedroom pillow can greatly benefit you’re sleeping routine and patterns, and help you achieve a more rested and well-rounded sleep.

Evaluating comfort, durability, support, material and size, are all key factors in choosing the right pillow. The longevity of our pillows, linen and mattresses are also important in building a successful sleeping routine. Both pillowcases and mattress protectors help ensure the lifespan of our manchester and bed and the effectiveness of our sleeping routines and patterns.

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