Homeware Trends: Geometric Prints for your home
Homeware Trends: Geometric Prints for your home

Homeware Trends: 5 Key Trends

Homeware Trends: Geometric Prints for your home
Homeware Trends: Geometric Prints for your home

Staying up to date with the latest homeware trends can be a little daunting. There is always the latest trend, colour or style that screams at you to update your current home decor.

This can be an expensive to say the least! Fear not… Accents can play a huge part in keeping up with the latest homeware trends and they can be the easiest part of your room that you can change when you are trying to update your home decor into the latest styles. Use accent pieces such as vases, sculptures, lamps and pictures, side tables and a touch of creativity.

Here are some key trends that we’ve seen around for a little while but are are continuing to evolve and should stick around for a while.

1. Metallics

Metallics have had everyone buzzing. The shimmer of metallic fabrics has been turning heads on catwalks and high streets and now it’s time for your Home to shine. Super chic and fashion forward, this trend is all about statement pieces like occasional tables, lamps, planters, candles – it will even be big in soft furnishings like cushions and throws too.

One of the best things about metallics is that it only takes two or three pieces to transform your room so you can add a little luminous luxury without breaking the bank. Copper and rose gold have has been big a hit and now we are seeing more brass and gold hues coming through.

It is fine to mix and match metallics so have fun layering different metallic hues. Or stick to one metallic tone only if that looks best in your home. Smooth or beaten, the warm shimmer of these metals have undeniable appeal. So be ‘on trend’ and introduce a few key pieces to a room . This trend is here to stay as it’s so lush!

2. Geometrics

The geometric pattern trend is one of our favourite design trends this year and this also shows no sign of losing its edge. Triangular patterns, grids and geometrics are an easy way to add visual interest to any room. They can be used on anything from rugs, cushions, planters, feature walls, or on tiles in the kitchen or bathroom.

The bedroom is an easy space to transform by simply changing your bedding. Bright bold geometric patterns add a striking contemporary feel. Accessorise this with monochromatic throws and cushions to complete this striking modern look. (could use black and white cotton coordinates duvet)

Whether you wish to embrace trends with open arms and transform your living spaces entirely or you like to dabble and mix and match with your existing style you can have so much fun with these looks. The versatility and adaptability of geometric shapes and patterns is ensuring this trend will be here for a while too.

3. Indoor Plants 

From succulents to palms and ferns this is a major trend that is growing everyday! Whether you opt for large or small plants, groupings or standalone pots, the addition of living greenery to your home will soften the edges and make your space seem calmer and more welcoming. A large plant in the corner of a room makes a striking statement whist smaller plants dotted around the home add lovely touches of green and texture.

Or you could create an in indoor garden by using wall-mounted and ceiling-hung plants. Whatever your preference by adding a few plants and some new or existing planters you can easily and simply breathe new on-trend life into your room!

4. Scandinavian Style

“Scandi Style”, as it’s best known has become hugely popular this year and looks set to continue as it creates such a versatile backdrop for your interior. With its predominantly white walls and floors, natural fabrics and surfaces, it leaves you free to add your own touch of personality with fun patterns and vibrant pops of colour.

Scandinavian design brings a light, airy feel with clean lines and shapes where subtle colour palettes, natural materials and simple design are key.

You can add texture with fabrics like linen and faux fur. If you feel your room needs an injection of colour then go with cool pastel shades or a pop of primary colour can also look great for a fun contemporary take on the trend. So put away those garish colours and unnecessary frills this summer and delve into some minimal Nordic beauty!

5. Marvellous Marble

The marble trend in homeware is having a major style moment. From bathrooms to kitchen benches it has now found its way into the world of homewares. It’s popping up everywhere we look – it’s sophisticated, easy to incorporate and it’s ideal for those with a penchant for minimalism.

Marble homewares are here to stay for a while yet. Since its appearance earlier this year we have gone crazy for marble as it looks so good with just about all other trends – pastels, monochrome and metallics – other statement trends which also enjoying the homeware limelight right now. Marble has an expensive and luxurious feel to it but now it’s accessible and affordable in accessories like lamps, trays, candles and bathroom accessories. Don’t miss this great look. Eleni from My Paradissi also loves the marble trend right now. Check out her marble inspiration!

Just one thing to remember, homeware trends come and they go but the most important thing is your home should be comfortable and fashionable for you!

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