Home Office Goals

Achieve the Ultimate Home Office for You & Your Furry Friends

Home office goals
Add sheer curtains for an option when the sun is streaming in or the light is affecting your ability to see your computer screen. Shop the Gosling Curtains.

Here’s a confession: I can’t go past a bit of home office porn.

OK, I don’t mean of the X-rated kind. If I’m scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, I’m frequently coveting gorgeous home office set ups. As someone who works from home a lot, I know the importance of having not just a functional space but also a beautiful space that helps get me inspired and focused.

A home office or computer room needs to be a space of peace, order and inspiration. So, getting the perfect home office space is not just about your computer desk, it’s also about the ambiance you create using cushions, curtains, rugs, lamps and other accessories to create the right space for you.

Whether you work from home full time, or you just need a space to keep on top of ‘life admin’, you owe it to yourself to design a room that allows you to concentrate and focus.

Here are my tips for achieving the ultimate in home office goals:

1. Choose the right space
Ideally a home office should be a separate room; one that is separate to the bustle of the rest of your home. Avoid using your bedroom as a computer room – a bedroom should be a place of rest, not a place that is associated with work, finances or deadlines. If you don’t have the luxury of a separate room, create an office space using screens or transform a cupboard space into a recessed desk.

2. Light up
Getting the lighting right in your office is critical. I find that bright lights and staring at a screen can be too harsh on my eyes and according to homely.com.au low light can also be a cause of headaches. So, I like to have the ability to modify my lighting using lamps – a desk lamp and a standing floor lamp. Natural light is best, so during the day keep blinds or curtains open, however add sheer curtains for an option when the sun is streaming in or the light is affecting your ability to see your computer screen. Now to lighting of a different kind – I like to add a candle or two to my desk to help create a sense of calm and focus.

3. A breakout space
If you have the room, consider adding a breakout space for yourself with a feature arm chair and cosy cushions. If you work off a laptop, it gives you an option to change up your position, get some reading done, or to take a break with a cup a tea during the day. Add a throw, a side table and a floor rug and it’s even a gorgeous spot to escape to with a magazine on the weekend when you need some time out.

Home office goals
Add a splash of colour. Shop Royce Planter

4. Green inspiration
Adding greenery is an easy way to instantly spruce up your home office. Houseplants add warmth, comfort and a splash of colour. There are plenty of houseplants that are easy to maintain, but if you’re not much of a green-fingers, then there are so many great faux plants available that will have the same effect.

5. A spot for furry friends
Don’t forget about your four-legged office companions. They love sharing your company, even when you’re hard at work, but anyone with a feline friend knows that a cat’s favourite place is generally right on your keyboard or on the document you’re currently working on. Give them their own rug or cubby hole that allows them to feel close to you, but keeps them out of your hair!

Home office goals - furry spot for friends
Have a spot ready for furry animals. Tau Basket out soon! (170012)

6. Clear the clutter
It goes without saying that a clear work space leads to a clear head space. If you have clutter or mess around you, you’ll more likely than not be distracted and won’t get work done until you’ve sorted it out. Keep your desk space clear; just keep the bare necessities on your desktop.

7. Go for comfort
If you’re going to be spending a bit of time at your desk, a comfortable and supportive desk chair is essential. Add your own touch to it with a faux-sheepskin rug, colourful throw or a supportive cushion.

Add your own personal touch with quotes, photographs or artwork you like. Shop the Tobias Botanical Print.

8. A personal touch
Despite being a room focused on work, it should also be a space that makes you feel good. Get some artwork, printed quotes or photographs that resonate with you, keep you motivated, or remind you of your goals and aspirations.

While your home office should be distraction-free, that doesn’t mean it can be stylish in its simplicity. A few feature touches that add a bit of personality will help you create your own covetable Instagram-worthy home office!

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