Boho Luxe - on trend!

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Bohemian Luxe - on trend!

Bohemian Luxe interior stylings speak a specific language.

It perfectly retells the story of its owner and how they dare to be different – steering away from the mainstream commercial stylings of the moment. Your bohemian inspired home will tell everyone that you’re worldly, eclectic and that you have a certain fire in your gut. You’re a globe trotter, a romantic and keep friends and family close. You don’t follow rules and have an innate desire to curate beautiful, cultural, historical pieces that hold memories, stories and passion.

Introducing a touch of ‘Bohemian Luxe’ into your house doesn’t require a grand overhaul. Casual pieces scattered throughout the room will have you on your way to achieving that Pinterest room and board of your dreams.

Bohemian comes from the French word for ‘gypsy’, and refers to the free spirited who chose to live their lives wandering free, without inhibitions and in a deep romance with everything they come in contact with. Bohemian Luxe is a contemporary term used to describe the richness of this movement and the dramatisation of the gypsy.

With a strong focus on nature and the land, greenery is a sure shot way to be able to illustrate an organic and raw bohemian vibe. This pot will create a statement with its gold colour, heavily used throughout bohemian stylings, and can also be used for many different purposes.

If you’re lacking a green thumb, artificial plants will liven up the area and requires zero upkeep. Hanging plants are 100% on-trend at the moment and are suitable for both inside and outside of the house.

You can never have too many prints for a bohemian look, however too much colour can cheapen the look. Stick to neutral tones to really tie in the notion of luxury. Try a printed rug and let it take you to the shores of Morocco, whilst keeping your feet warm from the cold floors.

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