How to: Keep your Indoor Plants alive
How to: keep your Indoor Plants alive

Handy tips for Healthy House Plants

How to: Keep your Indoor Plants alive
How to: keep your Indoor Plants alive

The latest homeware trend for indoor greenery is huge. When it’s cold outside and you’re missing sunshine and outdoor living, indoor plants are a perfect way to liven up your home’s interior living. House plants brighten up your rooms, complement your decor and make the air inside your house a fresher and healthier place to live.

Regular care of your house plants is a must. There is nothing worse than watching your plants wilt and turn up their toes. To get the low down on how to keep your plants thriving… on!

Supply Adequate Light
It is important to give your indoor plants the right amount of light. Do some research into the particular type of light your plant needs. Even though most indoor plants prefer shade or indirect sunlight, there are some varieties that require quite a bit of sunlight. In addition, most plants need a period of darkness to support their healthy growth. So when purchasing a plant, be sure you know what amount of light the plant needs.

Helpful tip – Remember to rotate the container every few days so all the sides of your plants receive equal sunlight ensuring they grow in an even well rounded shape.

Control Indoor Temperatures
Be mindful of your temperatures fluctuations indoors. When purchasing indoor plants, be sure to read the label to check it’s ideal temperature requirements. Indoor plants generally prefer a controlled, constant temperature. When your home remains at a constant temperature, most plants will usually adapt to the environment. However, some plants require a cool period during the day to flower and bloom properly.

Water Indoor Plants Correctly
It can be tempting to over nurture your plants. Over watering is a common cause of killing plants. Too much water makes the soil too wet and can cause root rot and disease. In order to avoid this mistake pay attention to the soil wetness and only water when the soil is dry. Try watering plants on a schedule ie every Sunday, so you don’t forget when you last watered and if possible try to water your plants in the morning. To water your plants, simply add water until it drains out of the bottom of the pot. Don’t water the plant again until the soil is nearly dried out.

Helpful Tip – Distilled water is much better for your plants than tap water, which contains chemicals like salt and chlorine. If you must use tap water, put it in a container and let it stand for about two days before adding it to your plants. You can also use rainwater.

Soil and Nutrients
Choose the best soil for your plants. Most house plants prefer a balanced, nutrient-rich soil with a slightly acidic pH level, like a sterile potting mix which also helps to retain moisture and provides good drainage. Regular plant food will help ensure your plants thrive too.

Helpful Tip – If you’ve had your house plants for a while, re-pot them with fresh potting soil every few years. Old soil loses minerals over the years, so all plants, even those that don’t grow very much, will benefit from a fresh change of soil.

Signs of trouble
No matter how much care you give your indoor house plants, you may still experience some problems but don’t throw in the towel upon the first sign of yellowing, wilting or dropping leaves. Instead, pay attention to the nature of these problems and adjust accordingly. Yellow growth may be a sign of overwatering and a loss of leaves might mean your plant is thirsty.

Helpful Tip – It is also a good idea to wash the leaves of your plants several times a year. Dust and grime is also bad for the health of the plant and can also attract and harbor spider mites and other insect pests.

So bolster your green thumbs and enjoy the popular house plant trend whilst watching your indoor plants thrive with these helpful hints.

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