Street Style - Gigi Hadid
Street Style - Gigi Hadid

Who are they? The Hadid Family

When Gigi and Bella Hadid aren’t strutting down a runway, they’re probably at a red carpet event. However, if there was to be an off day, they wouldn’t exactly be lounging in their sweats.

Gigi and Bella Hadid are the daughters of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and former model Yolanda Foster and wealthy real estate developer Mohamed Hadid.

Due to the intoxicating allure of celebrity and society’s obsession with youth and beauty, you might care a little to know some more about the Hadids. Bella and Gigi are both models on a steep rise, and are what the media would term “It Girls”.

Love the look? Shop the Poncho, the Boot, and the Jeans
Love the look? Shop the Poncho, the Boot, and the Jeans

After graduating from Malibu High School in 2013, Gigi moved to New York to attend the ‘New School’. You might remember this occasion from an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Yolanda moved her into a beautiful, impeccably decorated one-bedroom apartment. She signed with IMG models in 2011. After modeling as a child for Guess, she landed another gig with the denim company 15 years later as the face of their 2012 Fall/Winter campaign. (She also appears in their Spring 2013, Fall/Winter 2014 and Spring 2015 campaigns.) In addition to Guess, Gigi has appeared in advertising campaigns for Tom Ford fragrance, eyewear and beauty. She is the new face of Maybelline and Seafolly and has appeared on the covers of Teen Vogue and Vogue Spain.

Unlike fashion’s past ‘girls of the moment’, Twiggy, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss (who all came from humble beginnings), Gigi is striding into the spotlight, already from the spotlight. Along with her mother, her father, Mohamed Hadid, is also well known as a colourful real estate developer who’s been all over the news for controversial business deals.

The only thing that distinguishes Gigi Hadid the Street Style Star from Gigi Hadid the Supermodel is whether or not she’s on a runway or the street. Flicking through picture after picture on Pinterest, Instagram, and Google, it’s hard to fault anything that she wears. Sneakers with a dress? Not the kind of ensemble we’d usually imagine to work, however somehow Gigi can pull it off!

With their trim and tall figure and long legs aside, the Hadid’s have a true grasp on fashion, meaning they know all too well how to construct a polished ensemble from top to bottom. One that’ll not only flatter their figures, but also appear sophisticated and effortless. Both Bella and Gigi know exactly how to dress for their shape —from midriff-baring two pieces, to curve-hugging dresses as well as plunging necklines. The models even make a white t-shirt and jeans look more than fabulous. If you’ve got it, you should flaunt it, right?

Want to add a little more Hadid to your style?
– Add an unexpected, feminine touch to your rugged skinny jeans with a pastel coloured top, or floaty feminine blouse. A well-groomed face and hair always helps to pull things together.
– Sometimes your cardigan is the best accessory. Throw it over your shoulders instead of a scarf for a play on accessorizing. Mix it up with cardigans of different lengths to layer and break up an outfit. Effortless chic.
– Any time you feel like your outfit needs some edge, or perhaps some more structure? You only need one thing: always have a leather jacket to hand.
– Balance statement making over-the-knee boots with a slouchy knit. You won’t look like you’re trying to stand out, but you will.
– Confidence is key. Wear your clothes loud and proud.

No doubt you’ll be hearing of and seeing more of the Hadid’s. Next time you spot them in the press or social media, pay attention to their outfit and accessories – they’re likely to be the next big fashion trend!

Are there any other current ‘it girls’ who you are taking fashion inspiration from at the moment? Share why you love their style in the comments section below.

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