Style 150392 Gold Lamp

Get the Golden Glow for your Home

Style 150392 Gold Lamp

Some people are too afraid of gold, they think it is pretentious. While others have their homes drowned in it – top to bottom.

Gold is rich, timeless and symbolises wealth and power. Adding that touch of glamour, for all year round is easy, fun and can be surprisingly inexpensive if you stick to the rule “less is more”.

A great trend is hanging plants inside – not outside – the home. This gold hanging planter set will make a beautiful addition to any bedroom or living room. If hanging plants are too much, this pot set looks great with wood, or on a bedside table. The gold sets off the greenery beautifully.

While gold does serve to light up your room, nothing works better than an actual lamp. This free-standing floor lamp will provide ample light in any room of the house, and features a gold metal frame, tying in the colour to the desired theme. Not quite game enough for this tall lamp opt for this smaller version. This lamp, and its modern bare bulb, is the perfect way to introduce that little bit of glitz and glamour into your home, without the volume.

For the bedroom, gold will create a cosy feel while still keeping that contemporary, rich edge. Bring your bed to life with this duvet set and matching sheets… you’ll feel like royalty, without breaking the budget.

This year, say goodbye to tropical motifs and feature walls, and say hello to earthy golden textures to create your perfect golden glow.

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