Lounge around in the Garden

Penny’s Gardening Experience: Spring has Sprung!

Lounge around in the Garden

I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m pretty happy with the weather of late! This sun is reminding me that Spring is just around the corner. It is also telling me it’s high time to get out of my winter fugue, roll up my sleeves and start gardening.

Now, my garden is what I would call wild. It has sat neglected and unloved for a long time. I have long enjoyed watching gardening programs and having a look at the amazing gardens and flower beds cultivated and cared for by other gardeners. It is only in the last month or so that I have been motivated to get myself into my garden to see what I can make it. To create that BBQ and outdoor entertaining area I’ve always wanted. To grow citrus and herbs. I want giant magnolia’s and lavender! I may even want to try my hand at growing some vegetables.

I also want a chiropractor. I’m not going to lie – it has been somewhat back breaking at times. I’m talking weeds that have taken over the gardens, and seem to have thrived where I really wish they wouldn’t have. They have started swallowing the back lawn. Privit is rife, and sometimes I pretend I’m Bear Grylls off on an adventure. But do you know what? It is completely worth it. There is something about gardening that is extremely grounding. You are outside in the sun getting a bit of Vitamin D. You actually get a bit of a work out without having to do a work out. And it’s good to get your hands dirty. When you see a giant pile of weeds and a clear patch of soil ready for planting, it is such a great sense of achievement.

Spring is a great season to get planting – you can get plants bedded in and a bit established before the summer heat. A great way to spruce up your deck or outdoor area with minimum fuss and maximizing space is by planting up some pots. They are easy to maintain and bring a great pop of colour, plus you can easily move them around. It’s also a great activity to do with your kids. Or your cat. My cat Mickey is my constant companion when I’m gardening!

My newly potted Lemon Tree and cat Mickey
My newly potted Lemon Tree and cat Mickey

Important things about planting up pots – make sure there are some holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage. I use a layer of stones or gravel before putting the potting mix in. If you are worried about marks on concrete, you can pop a plastic lid or tray under the pot – most home improvement stores sell these for a couple of dollars. Fill the pot about one third with a good quality potting mix. Squeeze the sides to loosen the plant from its existing pot, and sit it into the new pot. Gently loosen the root system then fill the remainder of the pot with potting mix. Gently push down the potting mix. Give your newly potted plant a good water. I would also suggest putting a circle of Slug Slam around the stem in a circle to prevent snails from eating your hard work!

Some suggestions for what to put in your pots – lemon trees do well planted in pots, but you need to future proof – go for a large pot. For some instant colour, look for lobelias, pansies, and petunias. Herbs do well in planters and pots. They can get a bit out of control if left to their own devices! Lavender is a great scent and there are dwarf varieties you can get that stay on the small side. Succulents are great for dry areas.

So now you have some instant colour for your outdoor area, why not check out our great range of outdoor bean bags and accessories for some summer living. See below for the links and have a peruse! I have two of the Ali Floor Squabs and they are perfect outside in a spot of sun with a coffee and a book for a bit of down time.

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My gardening challenges continue – it’s going to be a long haul… But you know what, I’m enjoying every minute of it. Wish me luck!

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