Language of Flowers
Photo: Katie Daisy

Florals To Make You Smile, Smell Good and Look Good

Language of Flowers - Florals on dresses, blouses, pants
Photo: Katie Daisy

There’s nothing more bright and cheery than a beautiful bouquet. From freshly cut flowers to floral dresses to florals on stationery, wherever they appear, flowers have the ability to make us feel better simply because of their beauty.

We associate florals with Spring, new growth and warmer weather, so what’s not to love about them!

Flowers make a great gift – for celebrations, for sympathy, for romancing, for saying thanks and for those ‘just because’ occasions when you want to put a smile on someone’s face. They’re a great go-to gift for hard-to-buy-for friends or colleagues, or for times when you just can’t find the right gift for the occasion. Of course, fresh flowers are a good option but they don’t last forever, so let’s have a look at some ways you can give a floral gift that keeps on giving.

Floral print dresses

Florals in fashion have stood the test of time. Feminine and colourful, floral prints are uplifting, especially as we leave behind the darker hues of our winter wardrobes as we head into spring. Give the gift of fashion with a beautiful floral dress or floral blouse.

A faux-flower bouquet

Fresh flowers are stunning and bring a burst of colour and beauty to any space. As already mentioned though, this beauty unfortunately doesn’t last. Luckily there’s a way to get around this while still being able to enjoy the presence of a beautiful bunch in your home – a faux flower bouquet. Fake flowers have really improved in their quality and likeness of late, to the point where it’s only upon close inspection that you actually realise they are not the real deal. From single stem orchids to blooming tulips, roses and peonies, you can create a gorgeous bunch that will become a permanent feature in a friend’s home.

Potted perennials

Another option for giving flowers that keep on delivering happiness is to give a potted plant that continues to bloom. There are so many types of flowering houseplants to choose from, you can likely choose a bloom that best suits the recipient’s personality. Do they like simple and delicate pieces in their home, or like to decorate their living space with bold colours and statement pieces? Consider what other decor exists in their home already, and use this to guide your decision when choosing a great pot to complement the plant.

Everlasting art

Florals also have their place in a timeless piece of art. Simple prints are on-trend and help to add a bit of interest to any space without dominating it. Choosing art for someone else can be tricky as appreciating it is so subjective, but stick to something simple and once again, consider the recipient’s personality and the way they already represent this through their existing decor choices.

Special scents

Another one of our favourite ways to enjoy florals every day is in the form of a delicious smelling floral perfume! The scents we wear on our body can be a personal choice, so if you are really unsure whether someone will like a scent you choose for them, another option is to go for in-home scents. This could be a floral-smelling diffuser, beautiful floral scented candles or heavenly drawer liners.

Something to read

A flower-themed gift can even extend to something literary. If your friend is a book lover, then gifting them with a good read is a no-brainer. The Language of Flowers is a beautiful novel about a woman whose gift for flowers helps her change the lives of others, even as she struggles to overcome her own troubled past.

Tea time

Another way to enjoy a beautiful bouquet – is in a teacup! Herbal teas have surged in popularity, with florals playing their part in creating delicious brews. There are even stores where you can select your own floral ingredients and create a personal recipe. Choose your flavour and match it with a gorgeous tea pot and cup and saucer and you have a wonderful treat for a special person.

Flowers make a special gift for those we care about, but with a little creative thinking we can include them in all sorts of ways. These are just a few suggestions to brighten someone’s day – what others do you have?

Share them in the comments section below.

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