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Catch Up! Do You Need New Exercise Gear? We’ve Got You Sussed!

Looking for exercise gear? Michelle Bridges activewear could be what you're looking for.
Michelle Bridges: Top and Shorts

Whether you prefer working in the outdoors or the indoors, your exercise gear should make you feel just as confident and fab as your everyday clothes.

We’ve compiled a list of all the exercise gear essentials that you’ll need to get you pounding the pavement in style in no time at all! Every woman’s body is different, so it’s important to find what’s comfortable and confidence-boosting for you.

Tights are many women’s exercise go-to for a reason – they look great and are super comfortable. A pair in black, such as the MB Active Knee Length Leggings, is a must have of any collection. Don’t be too shy of more colourful options – there are tonnes of tights out there with every crazy print imaginable, like the Michelle Bridges Long Length Leggings. The Champion Absolute Capri comes in a range of colours, from a pink print to a neon blue flower pattern. Choosing a length size is all down to your preference, and it’s great that tights also come in a range of different lengths.

To improve not only your style but also your performance, a breathable exercise top is a staple for any active girl. The MB Active Short Sleeve Tee is made of breathable fabric and has an open-back detail for some extra edge. If you’re in for a big workout, go for a sweat-wicking shirt like the Champion Marathon Tee with quick-dry technology. Soon, you won’t be able to live without it!

Formit Sports Bra

Sports bra
A comfortable sports bra, even if you just cycle through one or two, is essential. It will be tighter than your normal bra, but shouldn’t dig in or cause chafing anywhere. The ultimate sports bra test is running or jumping on the spot. Sports bras can come in a range of fun colours, such as the Champion Absolute Bra, so don’t be hesitant about patterns. The Formfit Minimiser Sport Bra comes in a range of sizes for those who need more support than others.

Because everyone’s workout regime is different, they can occur during the early or late hours of the day, and even on the coldest days of the year. If this is you, a workout jacket is another must have. For freezing conditions, look no further than Champion’s Powertrain Puffer Jacket. And for all weather moments in between, try the Champion Absolute Workout Jacket.

This guide is a great starting point for your growing workout collection. What’s your favourite can’t live without workout piece? Are you in need of new exercise gear? Let us know in the comments section below!

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