Day in the life of a eCommerce Production Coordinator
Day in the life of a eCommerce Production Coordinator

Day in the life of an eCommerce Production Coordinator

Day in the life of a eCommerce Production Coordinator
Day in the life of a eCommerce Production Coordinator. Shop similar look: Top, Skirt, Mules

EziBuy eCommerce Production Coordinator, Lucy answers all our hard-hitting questions about what she gets up to each day, perks of working at EziBuy, how she balances work to life and the skills needed to work in the fashion industry.

What do you do at EziBuy? What’s your job title and department?
I am the Ecommerce Production Coordinator within the eCommerce team, which is also part of the Marketing Department.

I am responsible for making sure the product on the EziBuy website is as best represented as possible in our images online. I also create the promotion pages, update promotional banners, reply to customer queries and comments on social media, contribute to our blog, and work with our digital catalogue supplier to ensure that the catalogue is functioning correctly.

What is a typical day like for you? Who do you deal with?
A typical day involves a lot of Photoshop and emails! Uploading new images, sorting out image issues and requests for the buying teams. Updating promotional banners, and making sure the images we have online match new catalogue images – a big job considering we have at least one new catalogue most weeks! I deal with quite a variety of people, our email marketing team, various buying teams, the ecommerce team, our customers through Facebook, the creative team in Palmerston North, our IT department to sort out image issues and the customer service call centre team.

How do you balance your work to life ratio? What are some barriers for you?
I try to switch off as best I can when I’m not at work but sometimes it’s hard to do! I find myself thinking about blog post and social media ideas a lot outside of work but you can’t help when inspiration strikes! If I’m shopping online elsewhere I will often think about how their shopping experience differs from ours and what we could learn from it.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
Be a ‘yes’ person. Say ‘yes’ to as many opportunities and experiences as possible, you never know who you may meet, what you might learn or take away from it and which doors will be opened for you because of it.

What is your advice to other women, particularly younger women who are starting out their career like you have recently?
That experience is everything. Even if it’s not related to what you eventually want to do, work experience gained through interning at a variety of places gives you invaluable work, social skills and the confidence to give most things a go. I have interned at a PR company, a fashion magazine, and a large online retailer in their buying department and I now work in an eCommerce department! So you really don’t know where your experience and skills will take you.

Can you name one of your most transformative business experiences, and what you learned from that?
I interned for a large online fashion retailer which then lead to a part time job in their product development department. It was a great company to work for but it was just finding its feet being a relatively young company and as such, there were a few management issues. I learned a lot from the company and became a much stronger and more vocal person from my time there.

List 3 skills you need in your position

  • The ability to multitask
  • Attention to detail
  • Clear communication skills

Are there any perks to working at EziBuy?
Staff discounts and sample sales! A great team environment and company culture.

What do you enjoy the most about working at EziBuy?
Getting to look at all the product before most people! I especially love our Home range at the moment. There is also a really great team mentality in the company, we help each other out when we need it.

Tell us about your wardrobe. What is your favorite items to go from a business meeting to after work drinks in town?
I wear a lot of white, black, and grey, with splashes of blue, pastels and neutrals. I’m trying to cull my wardrobe at the moment and attempting to create a capsule wardrobe where pieces can be mixed and matched for casual, work wear, or going out. Black ankle boots or mules are my go to for dressing up jeans, skirts or dresses to go from work to drinks, also my longline vest is a great piece for this too.

What are you lusting over at the moment from our collection?
I’m currently lusting over our Emerge Biker Jacket in Tan Suede. It would be great in the capsule wardrobe and it’s the current ‘goes with anything’ ‘wear anywhere’ jacket. I think my next purchase will be the New Look PU Patch Pocket Aline Skirt in Black – it would be super cute with stockings, ankle boots and a denim shirt tucked in.


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