Dress the Room

Hampton Linen Duvet Cover Set
Hampton Linen Duvet Cover Set

With Christmas coming up it’s best to be organised and have planned ahead before those guests start arriving.

With so many Christmas distractions, it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly figure out who will be staying with you in your home, where they will be staying and what is needed for them to have a relaxing stay.

Break down what you need for your spare room:

Have a think about additional items that can create a homely effect for your visitor who is away from their own home:

  • Candles work well in any room, but in the bedroom the fresh smell will be welcoming especially in the summer time.
  • New curtains give the room a quick refresh and at the same time can cause the space to open up.
  • Change out your lamps: Update the room and create a glowing space by placing a new lampshade in the bedroom.
  • Have coat hangers ready and available for your guest so they can hang their outfits
Malibu Duvet Cover Set
Byron Duvet Cover Set
Byron Duvet Cover Set
Slater Quilted Duvet Cover Set
Slater Quilted Duvet Cover Set


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