School Reunion Dressing - Capture European Colour Block Dress
School Reunion Dressing - Capture European Colour Block Dress

Dress for a School Reunion

School Reunion Dressing - Capture European Colour Block Dress
School Reunion Dressing – Capture European Colour Block Dress

The high school reunion – such a hotly anticipated event! The idea excites some of us, and yet also incites a little fear.

Catching up with old mates, reigniting friendships, bumping into old flames and reminiscing about good times at your school reunion are all part of the fun. But there’s also a part of you that wants to ensure you convey success and confidence – after all, you should be proud of all that you have achieved since the last day of school.

Choosing what to wear is likely something that will play on your mind – gosh, it can even feel like the high school ball all over again! If you’ve got a big reunion coming up, then here are some tips for looking savvy.

Comfort first

First things first, it’s important to be comfortable; you will never make an impression if you don’t feel good in what you’re wearing. This includes physical comfort as well as emotional. You need to, always, be literally comfortable in your skin if you want to project your best self, as well as have a good time.

While movies and books typically tell us that a high school reunion is a chance to re-emerge, it’s best not to take it as an opportunity for a makeover that really doesn’t reflect who you are. Focus on being yourself, not on impressing others.

Dress for the event

Are you meeting at a restaurant? Sharing drinks at a bar? Or heading back to the old school grounds? Your outfit needs to reflect the chosen venue for your event. The venue is always a key starting point for the standard of dress and whether you’re going for a full glamour gown or a smart casual jeans and top ensemble. It’s probably better to always turn it up a notch. Even if the event is casual, you want to look like you’ve prepared, rather than that you don’t care or haven’t put in the effort.

What message do you want to send?

Like it or not, clothing is for many a visual gauge of who has soared and who has stumbled. A long-sleeve dress exudes elegance and style unlike any other style of dress and could be the very outfit that you need. The dress may be basic, but the simple nature does not mean it is less stylish or trendy. A high school reunion is the perfect event to make a classic yet chic fashion statement, all while staying sophisticated. Depending on the style and cut of the dress, it may also be worn for a number of other occasions. If you’re buying something new, think about what you’d wear to the office, out for cocktails, or for a more formal evening on the town when you’re out shopping.

If you do decide to opt for something like the long sleeved dress, you’ll find it works as the perfect option to avoid looking ‘too overdressed’ or not dressed up enough. It’s also an easy option to accessorize with. In general, when accessorizing the long-sleeved dress, take the “less is more” approach. Overdoing the add-ons, from bracelets and earrings to shoes and hairstyles can look a little too flashy. Long-sleeved dresses are available in a wide variety of colours, and are designed to flatter all body types, from regular to petite and plus size. Black is the most classic colour choice; however, a solid white dress or embellished or patterned style can also promote a bold and confident style.

Look great, feel great

High school reunions tend to be busy events, where a mix of nostalgia, heightened expectations, and past anxieties all converge. Preparing for your high school reunion can certainly bring about a mix of different emotions. Selecting the right outfit will help lend itself to the right attitude: confident, upbeat and comfortable. It’s a surefire way to feel more at ease amongst old friends, as well as faces you haven’t seen for years. If you feel like you’d rather not go because it’s all a bit much, follow some simple steps to get you feeling prepared:

● Don’t skimp on grooming – Glowing skin, healthy hair, manicured nails and toes are essential.
● Shop nice and early – Once you have a date and an idea of the dress code, you can start the search for an outfit. Locate the dress before you buy shoes or accessories to ensure you won’t be over doing it.
● Do update your look – A new outfit doesn’t have to be young and trendy; it does need to show that you’ve progressed over the years and pay attention to changing styles.
● Don’t worry too much – Everyone else is stressing too! Once you get there and start seeing old friends, catching up, sharing photos and swapping email addresses, you’ll find that your preoccupation with looks will start to diminish.
● Stay sophisticated – Leave the skin-tight dresses and miniskirts at home. You can still flaunt your figure with a body-skimming sweater, beautiful pants and top or a never-fail long sleeve dress.

When that much-anticipated high school reunion invitation pops up in the mail, fear not, you’re now prepared! Remember, being comfortable in what you’re wearing will send a very clear message of beauty, success and confidence.

Have you recently had a school reunion? How was it different from your expectations? Do you have any tips or experiences to share with others?


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