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Easily Give Your Home A Designer Makeover for Winter

Giving your home a designer makeover doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Just some simple additions can completely update the look and feel of your living space. With gorgeous bargain options out there that have a totally luxe look, it’s easy to keep your home stylishly on-point as decor trends evolve.

Winter is a fun time to update your home. We tend to spend a bit more time inside in our living spaces, so it’s not unusual to feel that it’s time for a refresh if we’ve been looking at the same, tired decor! It also makes sense to create a space that you really enjoy being in, seeing as you’ll be spending more time indoors. There’s nothing like a warm and stylish living space to relish while it’s cold and wintery outside!

Here are some quick and easy ways to give your home a designer lift while still on a budget:

Designer Decor: Isla Pendant
Intricately woven and rustic in design, the Isla Pendant Shade in chic black will add a dramatic styling finish to any lighting fixture.

Throw some shade
After rolling with minimalist lighting looks for a long time, it’s nice to see lighting and lampshades re-emerge to feature strongly in home decor. Pendant shades make a strong statement and become a centerpiece for any room, particularly hanging over dining tables or benches. If you have hanging light fittings, it’s easy to swap these in for a stylish new addition.

Designer Decor: The Shadow Mason Box
Complete your home decor scheme with the modern design, industrial feel Mason Shadow Box, available in two sizes.

Light it up
Nothing says cosy comfort over winter like some gorgeous decorative and scented candles around your home. A way to add a little something different to this look is to use glass shadow boxes. They create a stylish frame around your candles to create a centerpiece with a twist. You can also place several candles or ornaments on a tray to pull separate pieces together in a cohesive way.

Designer Decor: Penelope Canvas Art
Make your house a home with the elegant addition of the Penelope Canvas to your wall, a beautiful floral design that rings true the statement ‘as pretty as a picture’.

Art for art’s sake
Change up the look and feel of any living space by adding some stunning statement artwork to your walls. Artwork doesn’t have to be super expensive, and you certainly don’t have to be a real connoisseur to pick out some great pieces. Canvas art and prints are an easy addition, and with low-priced options, it’s not hard to swap these out as tastes or trends change. Mirrors are also a great addition to break up wall space, open up smaller rooms, add light or just simply to add a stylish feature.

Practical pieces
Of course, updating your decor doesn’t have to just be about adding decorative pieces to your home. Great style can be practical, too. Think: floor rugs, side tables, poufs, cushions, magazine holders and throws. Chosen well, these small additions will have a big impact on any living space.

It’s so great to see that designer decor is now becoming so much more accessible, meaning a stylish home doesn’t have to blow the budget. Finding low-cost options is so much fun; I’m excited to experiment with some of these options myself this winter!

Freja Faux Fur Rugs Nichols Side Table Nava Pouf Saben Magazine Holder

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