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Get Out Those Decorations! If You Haven’t Started, Now’s The Time

Personalised Christmas Santa Sack

Christmas is here – time to pull out the decorations and buy a few of the newest pieces that are out at the moment.

Are you a bit late to the party? Need a little bit of a push to get some decorations into place? We’ve picked out a couple of tableware options, tips on creating an easy table centerpiece and personalising your Christmas tree for your family.

The Tree
The Christmas tree is the most important element of Christmas decorating. If you want to show off your inner decorating maven, pick an overarching theme to tie it all together. The theme could be a colour, like silver or red, or even a style. Pine cone-like baubles would make a stunning and updated addition, and be the basis of the theme. If going for a more rustic theme, light up stars decorations made of woven cane will brighten any room.

If you want your tree to have a bit more of a personalised touch, think about adding in a customised piece with this personalised bauble, or this bubble ornament you can add a message to.

Christmas Decorations: Gold Tableware

The Table
If you’re serving a traditional Christmas feast or the modern Australian seafood extravaganza, the table needs a grand element. Starting from the bottom up, either opt for a patterned table cloth, or start simple, with an airy linen table cloth.

A centrepiece is key. This light up cone tree will brighten up your table instantly… literally! A bowl full of baubles is an easy way to create an instant holiday feel – if you have a cake tier, create different heights with the bowls.

Another option similar to this is filling several glass jars or vases with smaller baubles, pebbles, greenery, or even just apples. Candles are a great choice, especially for dinners that run on into the night. These geometric golden candle holders will add a contemporary feel, or go for this glass candle holders for a simpler look and feel.

‘Tis the seasons to be jolly, so it’s no time like the present to create a unique look for your home.

Festive Table Decorations

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