Daylight Savings

How to: Deal with Darker Mornings When Daylight Savings Ends

Daylight savings… it ends on 1st April. That will mean darker mornings for me.

I like to kick my day off with an early morning walk. For me, it’s a great way to keep my mental health in check and establish balance in my day. It’s a chance to start the day with a clear head and healthy attitude, and also means I get some exercise out of the way first thing.

It hasn’t escaped my attention though, that, a little to my dismay, the mornings are getting darker and darker. And it will get worse with daylight savings! My alarm goes off and I awake to a completely dark room. Convincing myself that it’s a sane decision to drag myself out of bed before sunrise is hard enough, let alone getting out on the street while there are still stars out! It can be a disappointing realisation to think that darker mornings mean that summer is on it’s way out, but hey, I guess I should be grateful that the cold hasn’t kicked in yet, right?

I decided that while I can’t do much about the changing light, I can do something about my mindset and my approach to starting my day.

Here are a few of my own tips; if you’re struggling like me, they may be helpful for you too!

Change your mindset

I do love my morning walk, so if you’re like me and reluctant to give it up, or if it’s something that you’ve been wanting to start in your own exercise routine, then your best bet is to simply start thinking about it differently. Yes, getting up in the dark is a challenge, but it’s also a beautifully peaceful time of morning, and more often than not, you’ll be blessed with a sunrise that will light you up for the rest of the day. Pump some upbeat music through your headphones and you’ll be amped for the day ahead.

Walking in the early morning does of course come with it’s own challenges, so it’s important to still keep yourself safe. Consider using a headlamp or torch, and wear reflective clothing items. Think about meeting up with a walking buddy – it’s good to have the added motivation to get up and keep your commitment too.

Daylight savings brings darker mornings - let The Police get you ready for the day!
Put some upbeat music (how about The Police?) on to get you raring to go for the day ahead!

Change up your routine!

Of course, until the clocks switch over for daylight savings, the evenings are still a great time to get out for some exercise, fresh air or family time. Use the evenings to get out and about, or consider shifting your morning exercise to a lunchtime workout if it’s manageable.

Kick start your day the right way

As tempting as it is to stay tucked up under the covers, the faster you flick the switch on, the better, as your body will realise it’s time to get the day started. Begin each morning with a class of warm lemon water, and take some time to yourself during the stillness of early morning to practice mindfulness, stretch or repeat positive affirmations. Most of us with busy, full days find it hard to find a moment like this throughout the day, so make this most of this opportunity!

Or, just stay in bed instead!

Cosy and warm - just in time for daylight savings
Cosy and warm – just in time for daylight savings. Shop the rug, throw, bedcover and cushion.

Of course, if staying in bed is a small indulgence you can afford yourself, there’s nothing wrong with that, too! Give yourself time to wake-up slowly – start with a cup of herbal tea in bed or read a few pages of a motivational book. Allow yourself the luxury of some gorgeous new sheets for winter, or add a throw to your bed for those ‘inbetween’ nights. Making your home a space you love filled with homewares that reflect your personality will give you a cosy space to enjoy over winter.

Find brightness in other ways

Just because the mornings are darker, doesn’t mean we can’t add a little brightness of our own to fill our days. It can be something as small as wearing a bright pick-me-up outfit, filling your home with seasonal flowers, or bigger goals like planning a getaway to somewhere a little warmer. Use the morning to do things you enjoy – baking with the kids, a coffee catch up with a friend before work or writing in your journal – and those dark hours won’t seem so bad afterall.

Darker mornings and shorter days are a reality, but how we face them is our choice. A happy and peaceful start to the day will set you up with the right mindset to tackle whatever comes at you when you step out the door.

What are your tips for starting the day on the right side of the bed? Do you have any daylight savings tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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