Cushions & Throws
Cushions & Throws

Get Comfy! Update Your Home with Cushions & Throws

Cushion and Throw Collage
Inspiration to spruce up your home!

Could your living spaces do with a bit of a spruce-up? Or your home decor starting to look a bit tired and dated? Why not think about adding cushions?

If you’re dying to update your living space this season, then here’s some good news – you don’t have to completely overhaul your furniture to create a different vibe! One of autumn’s hot home decor trends will see you adding cosy layers with new season cushions and throws for an easy and cost-effective way to update the look and feel of your home.

When chosen correctly, cushions and throws can instantly lift a room, add personality or interest, and harmoniously pull together other contrasting elements of a room. They can add glamour and luxury to a bedroom, and give an instant makeover to less-than-inspiring bed linen!

Couches and chairs are usually a big investment, so not one you want to make often. The downside is that they can also play a big part in dating the appearance of your living space. However, updating your cushions can transform a tired looking couch into an inviting, cosy and stylish piece of furniture and dramatically change the overall appearance of the room.

Here are our tips for styling your home with cushions:

If your cushions match your couch fabric, ditch them! Cushions are a great opportunity to introduce a contrast of colour and texture. Adding cushions that complement other colours in the room will subtly connect the different features.

It’s OK to mix and match colours, but try to stick with 1-3 within an overall colour scheme throughout the room. Balance bold colours with neutrals and white.

Also don’t be afraid to introduce a mix of textures and fabrics – create interest and depth with a combination of knit fabrics, leather or faux fur. As long as there is a colour palette to link them, it will create an overall cohesive look.

Faux Fur
We love the Nile Faux Fur Throw and Nile Faux Fur Cushion.

If you don’t want a completely eclectic look, go for a cushion in similar neutral tones, then throw in one feature cushion for a simple yet dramatic contrast.

How many cushions is too many? That depends on the kind of look you are going for and the size of your furniture. If you want a more cosy and traditional look, a three-seater can take up to five cushions, and a two-seater up to four. However if you want to achieve a more modern and minimalist look, you may want to reduce that, but make each cushion a bit more of a feature.

And what about when it comes to cushions on beds? Again, it’s more a personal preference, but up to three cushions on a bed adds a splash of colour and cosiness without being too overwhelming. Mix up the shape and size, and choose a colour palette that contrasts or complements your bed linen.

Linen Cushion
The Hampton Linen Cushion styled in 2 ways: Left is a block of colour in the midst of pattern. Right compliments the bed linen and lets the hero cushion stand out.

Here are our tips for styling your home with Throws:

As the weather cools off in the evenings, we more frequently find ourselves looking for something to wrap around ourselves on the sofa – making a lush throw not only a stylish, but also a practical, addition to your living room. Again, choose contrasting colours and textures and you’ll create an eye-catching feature for your furniture. Fold over the arm or back of a chair, or create a casual cascade by simply draping it on your furniture.

Knit Throw
The Elise Tassel Knit Throw

A throw is also a snuggly and stylish addition to your bed, providing a little extra warmth for those in-between-season evenings. It gives simple bed linen a bit more personality, and is particularly useful for guest rooms, which lack a little more interest around the room. By adding more modern or on-trend colours, patterns or fabrics, you can instantly update the overall look of a bland room.

Linen Throw
The Maria Linen Throw

Updating your home decor with cushions and throws is an affordable way to achieve an on-trend makeover in your living space. EziBuy have a gorgeous selection you’re guaranteed to love – take a look and see for yourself how easy it is!

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