Hampton Linen Curtain Set
Hampton Linen Curtain Set

Tips To Consider When Buying Curtains Online

What to look out for when buying curtains online: Hampton Linen Curtain Set

Curtains have the potential to dramatically change the look and feel of a room or living space.

Curtains are part of the decor that we often take for granted, but we forget that they can make or break a cohesive fit out!

Whether you’re decorating a room or your whole home, choosing curtains is a decision that you don’t want to take lightly. But with such great ready-made curtain options to choose from, updating your window dressings is no longer such a major expense as it once was.

And of course, while you want curtains that complement existing decor, they still need to adequately perform suitable functional duties, too. So how can you be confident you’ve nailed your purchase when buying curtains online?

Here are a few tips to consider before you make your decision

Where to begin: If your home is a completely blank canvas, then choosing your window dressings is great place to start when it comes to setting a foundation for the style direction you’d like your home to take. But if you’re working with existing decor and just want to update your curtains, then make sure you choose something you love in the room, for example your lounge suite or bedroom linen, and start from there to find a complementary tone.

Fit for function: What kind of practical purpose do you need your curtains to fulfil? Consider whether they need to:
– provide you with privacy
– insulate a room or keep out draughts
– completely block out light or simply reduce glare
– dress or soften a window
– protect furnishings

Considering these requirements will help you determine what kind of fabric you might need – for example, sheer, block-out, thermal-backed or light filter.

Fit for season: While it may not be practical to buy different curtains for the seasons, there are options which will give you versatility throughout the year. You may want lovely heavy, thermal-backed curtains in winter, but how will they feel in summer? Consider hanging a double track and also choosing a sheer or lighter drape that will be more suitable for the warmer months while still providing you with an element of privacy.

Choose your style: There are options when it comes to curtain tracks or rods. If you don’t already have one in place, consider what look you’d like to go for – either eyelet curtains or pencil pleat curtains. Both provide a neat finish with smooth gliding, but remember that your pole will be visible with eyelet curtains.




Of course, often the biggest fear when buying curtains online is that you’re not going to get the measurements right and that they’ll end up looking ridiculous! Ready-made curtains will generally come in several different drop sizes, so you can find one that adequately works with your window or door frame.

Grab yourself a tape measure and follow these tips:
– For curtain tracks, measure from the top of your track to the desired finish length. This is what is called the ‘drop’ measurement and will show in the description of the curtain when you look online. Next, measure the track from one end to the other – this is your width measurement.
– When it comes to rods, you don’t need hooks or rings as the eyelets slip straight on to the pole. Measure from the top of the pole to the desired end length – again, this is your drop measurement. If you’re measuring a pole with finials (decorative pieces at the end of the poles), then remember not to include these in your width measurements.
– You’ll need to decide whether you want them to end at the sill, below the sill, or at floor length. Remember to take note of any windows that have mounted wall heaters as you won’t want to cover these.

Curtains can take a daily beating from sun, mildew and general wear and tear, so simply updating your drapes can instantly lift and refresh a tired or dreary room without having to go to great expense.

Have a look online at EziBuy to find some decor inspiration and see how you can mix and match both fabric and sheer drapes in your home.

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