Get excited and create a bedroom oasis
Get excited and create a bedroom oasis

How to create the perfect bed for your family

Get excited and create a bedroom oasis
Get excited & create a bedroom oasis – we’re now spending more time in and on our beds! Shop the Carlos Quilt.

Whether we’re sleeping, lounging or watching TV, the bedroom has become an extension of the living room in many households. In fact, studies show that many of us now spend more time in bed on our laptops or tablets than we do sleeping!

Bedrooms have so many functions which may be different for everyone in the family; it maybe your sanctuary, reading spot or place to get away whilst for teens it could be a work area, a place to watch television or surf the internet. Whatever the use we know that cosying up in a boring bedroom is just not cosy and the key to a restful nights sleep for all the family starts with a great bed.

So here are some key ways to create the perfect bedroom oasis (if you’re keen to find all of our tricks and tips, check out our essential guide to bedding here):

The Best Sheets
It can be hard to swallow the expense of quality bedding until you remember that this is something you spend time in every single night and the last thing the family want is scratchy sheets or rough blankets! Sheets are closest to your skin so choose soft and comfortable sheeting. The higher the thread count, the better the quality. We have endless possibilities for the whole family from 1000 thread count to thick and cosy flannel sheeting in a wide range of colours and patterns.
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Quality Bedding Essentials
A quality duvet inner is a great investment you’ll own for years to come. The type of inner you choose is personal preference and also depends on the climate you live. We have quality everyday inners like microfibre perfect for kids beds through to luxury feather and down for adults beds. Nothing kills a good night of sleep like a pillow you have to continue to fluff up, turn over, fold in half or prop up so invest in a decent pillows. It’s worth it.
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A Perfectly Layered Bed
A luxurious blanket or throw not only adds interest to your bed but it is a practical staple piece. Depending on the season, choose lightweight cotton or a heavier, chunky knit. Kids can have fun with the colour and texture that either coordinates or contrasts with their sheets.
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Make a statement
A quilt or duvet is the visual statement that will anchor a bedroom and is one of the easiest ways to refresh the space. Try a new pattern combination that feels unexpected and different — it will give your space a brand-new look that’s fresh for the cooler months. Easy care fabrics like the new Jersey bedding or cotton coordinates are ideal for kids rooms whilst luxury fabrics like linen are perfect to create relaxed adults retreats.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise
Accessories are key to finishing any bedroom. Start with a statement piece like a rug, a throw or an artwork and coordinate different elements to make it all work in sync. For teens or kids rooms let them add some accessories that reflect their style.

Practical Bedside Tables
They don’t have to be perfect. They don’t even have to match but you definitely need them. Where else are you going to put your bottle of water, lamp and laptop! The also complete the look of your bed. If you are short on storage space you may like to think about a bedside with drawers or a cupboard. If not, the minimalist look of a stool or drum table gives a modern look.
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Let there be Light
Don’t forget the lights. Nothing is more important for creating the right ambiance with good lighting that sets the mood. Have a bedside lamp, a good desk light when you’re studying or use lanterns, fairy lights, or lamps in different shapes, sizes, and colours to really make a statement in the bedrooms.

Keep it Organised
Have some storage to keep bedrooms organised and clean. If kids rooms are short on storage space then get a shelving unit that is freestanding or wall hung. Try getting some big funky containers or baskets to keep their belongings or toys organised and tidy. Make sure you don’t junk up your room with a ton of unnecessary stuff. Keep it simple and clean.
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