Fruit Mince Brownies

Get Ready for a Mid-Winter Christmas Party

It’s nearly July, so that means we’re thinking about a mid-winter christmas party!

A glorious hot summer’s day is the ultimate way to celebrate Christmas but have you ever wondered what it would be like to celebrate Christmas like the rest of the world?

You’d be bunkered down indoors, celebrating a super cold, white Christmas…

Well, this year try your hand in a mid-year Christmas party by following some of our simple How To’s, below:

Christmas Tree Potatoes
Entertain the kids with cute Christmas Tree Potatoes

When July comes around, it’s time to come together with friends and family and celebrate Christmas a second time around over some warm and hearty foods; very different to the typical summery Christmas BBQ. Take these super easy Christmas Tree Potatoes for example, they require very little preparation and can be turned into a fun family exercise.

While in the spirit of an International White Christmas, why not try a traditional dessert from the movies such as Eggnog Custards. Best kept for Adult consumption due to the inclusion of brandy, this surprisingly easy recipe is definitely one to try…. And for the kids, try these Fruit Mince Brownies!

Fruit mince adds a lovely twist to a traditional brownie.
Fruit mince adds a lovely twist to a traditional brownie.

Once the food is all done and sorted, it’s time to organise the table setting. There is nothing more important on Christmas and for you mid-winter Christmas party than the tablescape (with the food a close runner-up!).

Start with the kids, keeping them entertained and in good holiday spirits with this Xmas Chair Cover Set. For the adults, keep the base crisp and clean with this matching set of tablecloth and napkins. It’s always easiest to build and create character when you start with something simple… plus, it always looks much for chić!

Perfect for a mid-winter Christmas party or for any event.
Perfect for a mid-winter Christmas party or for any event.

Start to build the overall theme with these lumiere candles holders, lined down the center of the table, creating a rich and golden ambience, fit for a warm indoors party. If you want to create more light around the room, why not try these stylish Mason Shadow Boxes, scattered around the room. All you need is to grab some candles and place inside.

When serving your guests with the delicious food you have prepared, look and feel like a professional with these stylish wooden serving boards. They are great for cheese and cold meat displays, as well as a resting board for hot pots and casseroles. In the theme of rich woods, this Arlo serving bowl will complete the table and kitchenware set up, being a feature of the tablescape.

Luxurious and soft. Shop the Velvet Cushion.
Luxurious and soft. Shop the Velvet Cushion.

Regarding the general theme of your home, try to keep it warm and full of luxurious textures. If your home is in need of warmth, why not give the trending velvet theme a go! These square velvet cushions, or round velvet pillows could be just enough to dress your home and make it all come together. If velvet is not your cup of tea, perhaps faux fur is. These cushions and this range of throws can help to make a home feel cozy and welcoming and right now, it’s on it’s way to becoming a toasty hot interior design trend for Winter.

Sneek Peek! Come October you'll be able to shop the Countdown Wall Hanging Chalkboard.
Sneak Peek! Come October you’ll be able to shop the Countdown Wall Hanging Chalkboard.

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