Christmas Eve Gift Box

There are some Christmas traditions that are to be cherished, such as putting up the Christmas tree together, setting the Christmas pudding alight, and crossing our arms to pull each other’s crackers.

There is another tradition that is a little less known, but can be equally as exciting for the whole family as going to visit Santa and watching the lights turn on in the small towns around New Zealand.

This is the Christmas Eve Gift Box, and the whole family can enjoy the thrill of receiving a box filled with handpicked delights that will set you all up for the sleepless night into Christmas Day.

If you’re reading this and your partner hasn’t then you can pass it on in the form of a hint, such as in an email, or pinned up on the fridge, or on the steering wheel of the car, so that you too can enjoy this joyous box.

Here are some ideas that will send you off daydreaming into a world where on Christmas Eve you are with your family, in your new pyjamas, and unwrapping sentimental pieces designed to reignite happy Christmas memories every single year when decorated upon your tree.

For the Children

For Him


For Her

To add to the final touches you can decorate an old shoe box, or simply buy a Christmas box, to put your lovingly wrapped Christmas Eve gifts into. You can take your son or daughter on an adventure with Elsa or a ride with Spiderman, while cozying up in your new family Christmas tops, after hanging your new decorations on the tree.

Take a look at our Top 5 Christmas movies too, so you can watch a film together once the unwrapping is over!

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