Maternity Fashion - Cass from Live it, Do it
Guest blogger Cass from Live it, Do it writes about maternity fashion.

How to be a Stylish Mum

Maternity Fashion - Cass from Live it, Do it, a Stylish Mum
Guest blogger Cass from Live it, Do it writes about maternity fashion.

A guide from a stylish Mum: Being in the last trimester of my pregnancy with 2 little children, my main objective of each day is to feel good. As a mum, in between getting your children fed, dressed, packing school lunches and getting them to school on time, it’s tricky waking up and finding time to give to yourself to get ready for the day and feel good.

That usually involves; showering, putting on something comfortable but nice, putting a brush through your hair and adding a bit of makeup. Who would have thought this everyday occurrence could quite possible be a luxury that we can’t always find time for in the everyday routine? A friend of mine once said that we need to make sure we take time to take care in our appearance as it’s a form of self-value and self-love and I couldn’t agree with that more. By getting up and making sure we are feeling good leaving the house, we are showing ourselves that we also care about us, not just the chaos that we need to drag behind us.

EziBuy has been my go-to online shopping website of late and I love that I can scroll through and find real clothes for real women, they do a great range of sizing for literally EVERY body shape and that suits me perfectly as I expand and grow a little human. As well as having a broad sizing range, I love that they have such a great range of clothing and accessories at such great prices.

As a mum, comfort really needs to come first when choosing an outfit to wear. We need our clothes to move with us and not be restrictive in any way as we run and jump around with our little children. From park to play date to the shopping centre or supermarket, we want our clothes to show a side to ourselves that we used to have, not just in our now, sometimes-mundane Mummy life. This means that when we become mums, even though comfort comes first, we don’t need to turn into the tracksuit-wearing mums on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, a good tracksuit or some fun active wear is a lifesaver but it’s nice to have some clothes that don’t resemble gym gear too.

My Go-to Stylish Mum’s Outfit
The look I am running with at the moment is a simple black ensemble. I feel safe in black, I always have, it’s not only slimming, but it’s also nice to give a sleeker look.

The Black dress: Well, every women needs a black dress right? This one is perfect for everyday; from daytime to evening. You really can dress it up or down. It’s stretch, so is extremely comfortable and sits nicely over your bump as a maternity dress or will hang nicely around the mid-section when not pregnant.
The leather biker jacket: Leather jackets are super in at the moment and coming into the winter season, I will be living in this one. With it’s stretch paneling down the arms and at the sides, it gives full free movement for running around on Mummy duties. Such a winner.
Nude coloured platform sandal: Platform sandals are a great everyday shoe as they make you feel nice and that you are a little dressed up but still casual. With a platform, you don’t feel like you are walking on stilts like high heals but they still give you that lift and look that you are going somewhere great. Nude shoes go with anything, great with a pair of jeans or a shirt as well as a dress. I love them.
The big leather tote: A MUMMY MUST HAVE. All mums need a big bag of tricks. I take my big bag everywhere I go; it’s usually filled with kiddies things like nappies, snacks and sometimes I even find an old banana at the bottom of it. But seriously, oversized totes are in and it is great for heading out for the day with or without children.

This outfit takes less than five minutes to put on your body, add in 5 minutes for a shower, 5 minutes to brush your hair, another 5 minutes for a quick brush of teeth and application of makeup and you’re good to go for the day before your children are even awake and asking you for breakfast. It’s a win all around.

So that’s it from me; simple, achievable and fun. What is your go to Mummy outfit?

Maternity Fashion - Cass from Live it, Do it
Cass from Live it, Do it wearing EziBuy


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