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Bought something leather? Learn how to look after it properly!

Whether it’s a jacket, new shoes, or a handbag you’re trying to preserve, knowing the basics of leather care is a must!

Here are our top five tips for keeping your leather looking as good as the day you bought it.

Don’t stretch it

Leather stretches and loses shape, but it’s a one way process – it doesn’t shrink. So if you overstuff your new leather handbag, it’s not going to get back into shape. Always be careful about how much strain you put on leather products – whether it’s a jacket or a skirt, especially in humid conditions when leather is most prone to stretching.

Store leather properly

Leather doesn’t do well in extreme dryness or humidity, heat or cold – aim for a balanced environment free of dust and mould. One mistake many people make when storing leather is thinking they’ll prolong its quality by wrapping it in plastic – this is a no no! Leather needs a tiny bit of air flow to keep it in top condition.

Clean and condition

Regularly clean and condition your leather products with a special solvent-free, water-resistant product. This will not only hide scratches, but will also soften your leather and preserve the colour. Most importantly, this conditioning leather retains moisture – essential for durability.

Dry slowly and carefully

On the other hand, you might need to dry your leather from time to time (picture dropping your handbag into a big puddle, spilling juice all over your new boots etc). When you’re drying leather, take extra care not to rush it. Speed drying with a hair-dryer can warp leather, resulting in stiffness and unsightly crinkling. Rather, leave the item in a warm room with good airflow to dry over time.

Stains on leather

Depending on how recently a leather item has been stained, stains are often surprisingly easy to get out – sometimes all you’ll need is a bit of mild soap and water. For more stubborn stains, try a mix of one tablespoon white vinegar to one cup warm water.

Do you have any leather care tips? Share them below!

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