Shop Breast Cancer Cure T-shirt and $10 from every sale is donated to the charity
Shop Breast Cancer Cure T-shirt and $10 from every sale is donated to the charity

Behind Breast Cancer Cure: Our Q&A with the Team

Shop Breast Cancer Cure T-shirt and $10 from every sale is donated to the charity
Shop Breast Cancer Cure T-shirts and $10 from every sale is donated to the charity.

You might have read my earlier blog about my experience of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer while working for EziBuy.

I thought it would be helpful to outline more about the charity EziBuy chooses to support, Breast Cancer Cure, so I asked them a few questions which they kindly answered.

What kind of organization are you?
We are New Zealand’s only not-for-profit organization established solely to support research into finding a cure for Breast Cancer. We are a lean organization, with no office space, cars or mobile phones we all work from home, so that most of the money we receive goes directly to our research partners.

How does EziBuy support you?
EziBuy works in a partnership with us, promoting products such as the designer T-Shirts and gumboots that are currently online for sale. From this we receive $10 from the sale of each Breast Cancer Cure t-shirt. We also receive other funding from EziBuy via joint promotions.

How is this different to buying products with the Pink Ribbon on?
The Pink Ribbon is aligned to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation who are a separate entity to Breast Cancer Cure. Our focus is on only the most outstanding and visionary research and researchers in New Zealand – our sole criteria being knowledge and breakthroughs in both clinical and genetic research that move us closer towards a CURE and a future free of the fear of breast cancer for New Zealand women.

Where else does your research get funding from?
We have a number of corporate sponsors such as ASB and Fuji Xerox. We run fundraising events around the country, and also we receive research grants.

How long has EziBuy supported the research you are involved with?
3 years

How much has EziBuy donated to BCC?

What are the timelines involved with Breast Cancer research?
Breast Cancer Cure is committed to finding a CURE within our lifetime to protect the next generation of young girls from what their mothers and grandmothers are going through today.

Each research project we fund is for a minimum of 2 years. After the 2 years, each project is re-assessed to halt any further funding if to no avail, or they re-apply for more funding should beneficial outcomes be noted.

What are some of the projects you are supporting?
Breast Cancer Cure has funded over $10M of research in New Zealand over 15 years ranging from studies into the use of antibodies as a targeted treatment for controlling growth of breast cancer cells, to early detection of breast cancer (ongoing with 4 potential blood markers), to research in the field of immunotherapy and the harnessing of our own immune systems to combat breast cancer.

Many cancers gain from the base molecular and genetic work funded by Breast Cancer Cure.

A Cure is defined as making the disease one that women can endure and survive by funding novel research into: prevention, earlier detection, predictive and prognostic diagnosis, appropriate and tailored treatment. In addition, broadening the knowledge base around breast cancer and treatment with a focus on the 17% with poorer outcomes and the 30% with recurring or metastatic cancer.

We can’t stop everyone from getting breast cancer, but we hope to prevent as many as possible. For the cases we can’t prevent, we believe we can turn breast cancer into a chronic disease much like HIV patients do today.

All of our current research projects are listed on our website, that outlines each project, where and what it is they are trying to achieve, along with dates of commencement.

Bernadine and Linda - Friends and Breast Cancer Cure Supporters
Linda and Bernadine, who work at EziBuy wearing BCC t-shirt’s


Wow. It’s so great that this research is happening here, in New Zealand.

On a personal level, one of the things I found hard to come to terms with was the knowledge that after a year of treatment, my cancer could still come back, taking up residence in my liver or lungs. This is called Metastatic Breast Cancer. I find it really exciting that one of these research projects is about non-invasive identification of Metastatic Breast Cancer.

I will also be on ongoing medication for another 7 years to prevent re-occurrence, however, we’ll never know whether that’s going to be effective or not, so I’m also really excited by the research into identifying exactly which cancers will react favourably to Tamoxifen or Herceptin and how to improve effectiveness of treatment.

Would you like to help raise money for Breast Cancer Cure? Support this fantastic cause by buying one of our EziBuy designer pieces by Moochi, Trelise Cooper or Andrea Moore – $10 from each sale will go directly to Breast Cancer Cure.

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