Find a bra that fits you correctly

Make a Big Difference: How To Find The Right Bra Size

Find a bra that fits you correctly

It’s alarming to hear that around 80% of us women are actually wearing the wrong bra size.

You might be thinking that you’re not one of them because you have had your bra fitted when you first started buying lingerie… but the reality is that a woman’s bra size changes throughout various stages of our life.

Just because you’ve been wearing the same bra size your whole adult life, doesn’t mean that you should have been! Age, exercise, pregnancies, weight loss and weight gain, hormonal changes – these are all things that can affect our breast size, and therefore, of course, our bra size. If you’ve experienced any of those recently, it’s really important to get yourself re-fitted for a bra, and then every year going forward to ensure the right support and ultimate comfort.

Why wearing the right ‘smalls’ makes a BIG difference

Aside from the obvious reason of feeling uncomfortable, wearing ill-fitting underwear can make you look unshapely and also contribute to on-going health problems. This includes aches and pains in your back, breasts, neck and shoulders.

They say it’s what’s underneath that counts – and that’s an adage that certainly rings true when it comes to creating the right foundations for your outerwear to sit atop. A correct fitting bra will enhance any outfit by creating the right shape and silhouette for your body. For many women, their breasts are an important representation of their femininity, so finding the right fitting lingerie can have an impact on our confidence and how we feel about our bodies.

Check yourself
You can easily check your own bra fitting right now with this quick checklist:

● Are your straps falling off your shoulders?
● Is your bra riding up at the back?
● Are there pleats anywhere in the cup?

If you answered yes to any of these, then your bra is likely too big.

● Are your breasts bulging out of the cup?
● Do you see red strap marks when you remove your bra?

If you answered yes to either of these then your bra is likely too small.

How to find the perfect bra?
It used to be that sexy and glamorous bras were not an option for some, but it’s great to see that now all shapes and sizes are being better catered for with a wide selection of colours, fabrics, embellishments and styles.

After all, even if our lingerie is something that we keep to ourselves, wearing sexy underwear can give us an undercover confidence boost!

That being said, you certainly shouldn’t choose your next bra based on its visual appeal alone. Not all bras are suitable for all breast shapes and breast tissue types. Ideally, you should get a fitting with an experienced fitter who will explain to you the best styles and support to suit you.

Bra sizes are made up of two parts – the measurement around your rib cage below the breasts (bra size) and the measurement around the bust itself (cup size). If you’re purchasing new lingerie online this handy bra fitting guide will show you how to measure yourself properly and then help you figure out which size to choose.

Once you know what bra style and size to go for, follow these tips when selecting a new bra, so you can be confident it’s the perfect one for you.

Check that:
● The underband sits horizontally around your body. You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably underneath the band.
● The centre front of the bra is lying flush against your chest, and each breast fits comfortably into each cup.
● Wires and seams should should not be digging into your breast or underarms, and should feel like they are not even there.
● The straps should be secure without being tight or painful, and you shouldn’t feel any clasps digging into your back or shoulders.

While we can’t deny there’s no better feeling than whipping your bra off at the end of a day, you certainly shouldn’t be enduring really uncomfortable underwear unnecessarily.

If you find yourself shifting your bra often, or feeling pain or discomfort regularly, it’s probably time for a re-fit – and hey, at least it’s an opportunity to get yourself some gorgeous new lingerie!

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