Behind the Scenes of the Autumn Sara Collection with Ljubenka

Behind the Scenes with Ljubenka, our Sara Plus Size model!

I always have so much fun shooting with EziBuy that I had to share some behind the scenes snaps with you. The day starts early with the call time being anywhere from 5-9 am. I spend about 90 mins in the hair and makeup chair and then we are set to go!

Shooting in the studio is great for when the conditions aren’t so perfect outside! Using a green screen means the creative team can choose whatever backdrop they want in post production and editing. To get the perfect shot I move around so my pose is natural and doesn’t appear frozen.

BTS with Lubjenka

We are on the move! On location in Sydney with the Honeywagon and our cover prop, a Vespa.

BTS with Lubjenka

This is Andrea, our fabulous and very organised producer. She’s showing me some possible poses with our prop!

Behind the scenes with Ljunbenka

Dan (digital technician) and Denise (art director) looking rather serious in the midday heat and hustle. The Sydney sun can get very hot but blue skies are vital in securing great shots!

We have moved and set up camp in front of the Sydney Barracks. Our art director, Denise, is in charge of picking the shoot locations and backdrops for each spread of shots.

BTS with Lubjenka

Here’s my first look, in front of the Sydney Barracks, with Annette standing by ready to touch me up or bush any stray hairs back into place.


Ready crew? And action! My second look, pointy shoes, floral pants, white shirt and sunnies.

BTS with Lubjenka

All systems go! My third look with Annette working her magic, as always! She is one of my favourite hair and makeup artists in the world. I am wearing a blue shirt, paired with 3/4 pants, necklace and silver shoes! The big disc that Dan is holding up is called a ‘diffuser’. It helps spread the light evenly and means I don’t get shadows from the sun across my face. It’s also welcome shade in the hot sun.

We’re on the move again!

BTS with Lubjenka

Behind the scenes with Ljunbenka

I’m on location in front of the National Library in Sydney and absolutely loving these shoes. They are surprisingly comfortable and a great choice when I need to dress an outfit up! As you can see it takes a team to produce these shots.

BTS with Lubjenka

Juli Balla (photographer), Denise, Amanda (stylist) and Dan wait for me to change in my super silver portable changing booth.

And that’s a wrap! Sometime after the shoot myself and the crew will go out for dinner together, but most of the time I like to get home to see my kids and have an early night. Shooting can be tiring, but I wouldn’t change my job for anything in the world! The people are great and we always have so much fun!

Bye for now, hope you enjoyed this seasons behind the scenes! Find me over on Instagram here.



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