Winter Sheeting - Flannel 149495
Winter Sheeting - Flannel 149495

Turn your bedroom into a snug winter retreat

Winter Sheeting - Flannel 149495
Update your Flannel Sheets

Here at EziBuy we love Winter! It means cosy nights around the fire and the excuse to spend more time in bed! Embrace the chill in air with a seasonal makeover of a heavier weight duvet, extra throws and soft cushions that will make bedtime your favourite part of the day.

It’s all about feeling cosy before you settle down to sleep and transforming your bedroom into a warm winter haven. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect bed and guarantee a restful night.

1. Create a chilly weather duvet
As the temperature drops replace your lightweight Summer duvet with a heavier weight or simply join two duvets together. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so investing in the best quality bedding you can afford will help you sleep better. For the ultimate in cosiness, our new Logan and Mason down and feather duvet inner is perfect. The supreme insulating capabilities of feather and down, mean it takes less to fill so you get a duvet that is blissfully warm yet incredibly lightweight with a luxuriously lofty feel. If you’re seeking a bit more info on the duvet that’s right for you, our guide to buying the right duvet will send you in the right direction!

2. Choose our cotton flannel bed linen
There’s nothing cosier when the temperatures plummet and heating bills soar than the gorgeous brushed softness of our cosy flannelette sheets and duvet covers. Made from pure cotton and available in a wide range of colours and patterns these remains a firm favourite for the whole family during the cooler months.

3. Add a luxurious topper
For the ultimate in comfort and a blissful way to sink into sleep, don’t look past a luxurious mattress topper. Our Extreme mattress topper is like sleeping on a cloud and will give you a wonderful night’s sleep but don’t blame us if getting out of bed on chilly mornings proves that bit more difficult! Adding a mattress protector will also help prolong the life of your bed.
Check out our mattress toppers!

4. Choose a premium pillow
Using a high quality pillow that suits your sleep style is one of the most important ways to ensure a decent nights sleep. Choosing a pillow is not an easy task – you should look for pillows with anti allergy treatments and wash your pillowcase every week and the pillow every month. It is a good idea to use a pillow protector too. You should change your pillows often; every year is ideal and definitely no more than two years.
See our pillow range here.

5. Keep an extra layer handy
A sumptuous fur throw, luxe quilt or wool blanket is a must have when it gets really cold. Drape yours at the foot of the bed, so you’ll easily be able to reach it when you need it. Our velvet quilts look fabulous layered over your duvet cover, as do our cosy fur throws and they are perfect to pull up in the middle of the night. Our pure wool Aspen collection is a lovely choice for that natural warmth.
View blankets and throws here.

Featured above: Zambesi Fur Throw, Aspen Wool Blanket, Luxury Wool Underlay

Whether you’re curling up with a great book or having a relaxing breakfast in bed, plump cushions are a must for getting cosy. We love contrasting textures: think faux fur with chunky knitted styles in different sizes for a statement finish that’ll you’ll love.

Whether it is due to a busy and hectic schedule or you’re an individual who often struggles with sleep, we can often find ourselves tired and sleep deprived. Making sure you get enough sleep is crucial to a happy life. That’s why improving your sleep environment especially during winter is so important. We have everything you need to make drifting off to sleep the dreamiest experience!

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