Care for your Linen Bedding
The Olivia Duvet Set: 100% Linen front, plain dyed cotton reverse.

How to Care for your New Linen Bedding

Care for your Linen Bedding
The Olivia Duvet Set: 100% Linen front, plain dyed cotton reverse.

We are so excited about our extensive pure linen range including duvet covers, sheet sets, quilts and table linen and tea towels.

Linen has become one of our most popular collections because of it’s luxurious and comfortable properties. Because it’s an all-natural fabric it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermo-regulating – it’s insulating in the cold and cool and breathable when it’s warm! It is extremely durable and exceptionally long-lasting and actually gets better with time; becoming softer, smoother and more luxurious.

It is widely accepted that good quality bedding improves quality of sleep but unfortunately we don’t always know how to best care of our luxurious linen bedding which we have invested considerably in which can shorten the life and quality of your precious linen.

Here are 5 simple steps to follow when taking care for your linen:

  1. 1. Read the care labels! It probably sounds obvious but it’s surprising how few of us actually do this when purchasing new bed linen or washing it for the first time! Care labels are meant to provide all the specific information you need to wash your linen bedding properly. The instructions can vary based on the stitching or the dyes used so take few seconds to familiarise with manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. 2. Check your washing machine settings. Settings can differ from machine brand to brand or even model to model. So make sure you know the symbols on the washing machine in order to prevent shrinkage, colour loss and maintain the original high quality of your bed linen. Linen products wash well because the fabric is stronger wet than dry. A warm wash is usually effective on linen bedding since the surface of the flax fibre allows stains to be released easily.
  1. 3. Avoid overloading your machine. Don’t overload your machine, the more water the better. As linen is highly absorbent, it soaks up more water during the wash cycle than most other fibres and therefore washes better when the washing machine is not too full.
  1. 4. Only use a mild detergent Use a mild soap and not too much of it. Avoid strong detergents, especially concentrated forms and do not use detergents with optical whiteners when washing as these can cause the colours to fade. By using detergents thoughtfully you will maintain your linen bed linen in the same high quality as you purchased.
  1. 5. Drying & Ironing Use a short cycle setting as linen dries quickly. Do not over-dry. Fill your dryer with half the normal capacity in order to let the load move freely during the drying process. Line-dry if desired. Use a medium temperature machine setting, and a slower tumble setting, if available. Linen does not require ironing but if you do decide to iron it 100% use the highest temperature with a hot steam iron when it is still slightly damp.

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As you can see, taking proper care for your bedding is not too difficult! Just have these tips in mind and you will enjoy your luxurious bed linen (or table linen) for many years to come!

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