Beige is not bland!
Beige is not bland!

Afraid that wearing all beige clothing will be too bland?

As New Zealand strides through Autumn and England crawls into Summer, shades of tan, beige, and camel with a stroke of suede are trending across the continents.

Clearly back by good taste and choice in the fashion world, we welcome this beige 1970s style into the 2010s here at EziBuy.

Arguably, layering your outfit can be achieved with different shades of any colour. Imagine your pants in the darkest of grassy greens with a coat of the same shade covering the most vibrant tee-shirt in a shade of lime – perhaps not. Ok, so not all colours will work, but we have some inspirational ideas for the ones that do. What we know are working this season, however, are the airy shades of grey and the Autumnal pallet of beige.

At EziBuy, the colours surrounding beige in our collection for 16AW allow everyone to achieve an array of looks from understated elegance to the festival-ready boho – all thanks to the simplicity and class of the beige family (and the talents of our Buying team).

Whether you’re trying to achieve the evening out or stay at home look we have a style suited to you. Remember, you can add a touch of pale pink to your nails and lips to suit the fresh tones of beige, or add volume with a deep rouge.

Understated Elegance

Shop the look above: Emerge WrapCapture Roll Neck in Winter White, Emerge Pant in Chesnut.

Boho Fun

Emerge V Neck Dress in Vintage Floral, Emerge Biker Jacket in Tan, Next Tan Suede Fringe Bucket Bag

Sophisticated Comfort

Sara Cable V Neck in Oatmeal, Grace Hill Button Back Shirt in Ivory, and Sara Suede Front Pant in Tan


Wide Fit 70s Block Heel Boot in Camel, Next Scarf in Brown, and Next Mini Shopper Bag in Tan

We do, of course, have styles at the ready for those who are not yet ready to leave the house in fifty shades of beige. So, here is a style idea that should help you make your first steps towards going fully beige.

Emerge Denim Skirt in Mid Wash, Emerge Sleeveless Knit in Oatmeal, and Emerge Suede Coat in Tan.

Can you find your inspiration amongst these EziBuy pieces? Would you dare to wear an array of beige shades out and about?

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