Try out the Turtleneck Top - Wear under summer dresses to make them last each season
Try out the Turtleneck Top - Wear under summer dresses to make them last each season

According to YOU: The Most Versatile Piece in your Wardrobe

Combining two great versatile pieces - the Tunic and the Roll-Neck!
Combining two great versatile pieces – the Tunic and the Roll-Neck!

Having that one versatile piece in your wardrobe that matches everything, fits well and makes you feel and look good is a lifesaver.

It can save you time when getting ready in the morning, it can inspire you to try out different looks and it can work throughout the seasons.

We loved hearing what your favourite versatile pieces were and thought that others would like to know too! Is yours listed below? If not, let us know what you think in the comments below.

ACCORDING TO YOU: The Most Versatile Piece in your Wardrobe

“My most versatile piece in my wardrobe is the Black Capture Cafe Pants… I can dress these up or down depending on where I wear them. I like them that much I have 3 different colors in these pants.”

“A beautiful dress I just bought from you last week. I wore it to work and I happen to post a photo of me at work and I had over 30 people on Facebook say nice photo “but love the dress”. I have now decided to take it on our European River Cruise in a few weeks. It fits so snug, looks lovely and I feel I could also wear it at night as well and still look well dressed. My whole wardrobe is Ezibuy; dresses, pants, tops and sleepwear.”

“My most valued and versatile piece in my wardrobe is my reversible coat. It goes everywhere with me especially when I travel. It is light-weight and shower proof. A must in everyone’s wardrobe.”

“Pair of Capture White Denim Jeans I purchased at least two years ago from Ezibuy. They are a fantastic fit and the first item I go to for shopping, lunching with the girls, heading off to the movies or entertaining at home. They can be dressed up with a classic style jacket or blouse and dressed down with a Boyfriend T or Swing Top. Love them so much, I now own three pair of them. Never want to be without them.”

“I love my Capture Ezi-Fit Roll Up Cargo Pants! Over the years I’ve bought several in different colours and find that they’re so versatile in all sorts of situations. They’re perfect for everyday running around, as well as weekend outings, bushwalking, travelling, and even dressing up for a sports luxe look – I couldn’t live without them!”

“My most versatile piece would be my Ezibuy Short Sleeved Tunic because in Summer I can wear it with Shorts and in Winter it is so easy to layer with other clothes under or over, with a pair of Jeans. It’s that little bit longer than a normal Top so also covers any little bottom worries.”

“The most versatile item in my wardrobe is my new Sara Print Midi Skirt. I just love it. I can dress it up or dress it down. It is great for work, with a simple black Crew Neck Merino Wool Jumper, worn with multi-coloured beads. Or for evening I can wear it with a much more glamorous black top. I can even dress it right down for weekend wear with a simple black tee shirt.”

“For this season it is definitely the Poncho. It is flattering, adds colour, warm and soft and hides a multitude of sins.”

“My fantastic Ankle Shorty Boots I got last year! They are as comfortable as slippers and they go with everything and look sensational with the part suede and part leather, perfect heel, I live in them!”

“A blazer; can’t live without one. It dresses up denims, casual maxi dresses during the day, and is very classic and classy for evening wear. Just love them!”

“The most versatile item in my wardrobe is a pair of black leggings that can be teamed with tunics.”

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Do you think something has been missed out? Let us know in the comments below.


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