Trusty wool blanket for Winter
Trusty wool blanket for Winter

6 Of Our Favourite Ways to Use The Wool Blanket

Warm and Comforting - the wool blanket will come in handy.
Warm and Comforting – the wool blanket will come in handy.

If there’s one object synonymous with comfort and warmth it’s the trusty wool blanket.

We’re generally introduced to blankets as babies and children, and continue to associate their familiarity with good times, comfort and homeliness throughout the years. A quality wool blanket is a sound investment for any home – it will last a long time, and it’s versatility will see you call on it for so many reasons.

The humble wool blanket is often understated in style, but its value certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Here are 6 of our favourite ways to use your wool blanket.

1. Couch comforter
Cold night, telly on and – of course – blankie over your legs. What more could you wish for in winter? A wool blanket is a must-have couch companion for those evenings and winter days when you want to snuggle down with a movie or a good book on the couch. And, if there’s room for two, a throw is perfect for cuddling under in front of the fire. You might want to choose something that complements your existing decor so you don’t need to hide it away. Alternatively, add a splash of colour with a contrasting colour or blanket texture.

2. Winter bed warmer
A wool blanket is a handy addition to your bed – either as an additional layer underneath your duvet or bed cover, or as an optional extra folded at the end of the bed. You’ll welcome the extra warmth in the cooler months, without feeling weighed down or suffocated by too many bulky layers (if you’re all about perfect bedding; take a peek at our Essential Guide to Bedding). With many colour options to choose from, you’ll easily be able to find a blanket that fits harmoniously with your existing bed linen and decor. If you want to leave the blanket folded across the end of your bed, make it a decor feature by choosing a colour that stands out against your bedspread.

3. Snuggle under the stars
If you’ve ever been camping, an image that likely comes to mind is wrapping yourself in a blanket, hot chocolate in hand, sitting around a bonfire with friends and family. Whether you’re camping, barbecuing or simply stargazing, a wool blanket is essential for staying warm and ensuring you can enjoy being outdoors without getting uncomfortably cold. Wool blankets are hardy so you don’t have to be concerned about using them outside (we’ve included some tips below about taking care of your blanket), so if you’ve got a beach house or holiday home, having a stash of blankets on hand is a great idea.

4. Picnic companion
Perhaps the most popular use of a trusty wool rug is for picnics. At the beach, in the park or even just in the backyard for a barbecue, a wool blanket is an outdoor dining staple to keep you comfortable on the ground.

5. Practical decor
Sometimes our wool blankets are just too beautiful to keep stashed away in the linen cupboard. Even when you’re not calling on your throw to keep you covered up and snug on the couch, it doesn’t mean that it can’t remain a feature of any room. When not in use, or you want to keep things tidy, simply fold your rug over the back of the couch or arm of the chair, or drape over a seat. It creates a homely and welcoming feel to any living space and will add an extra splash of colour when coordinated well with your cushions or other decor.

6. Keep one in the car
Impromptu picnic, quick stop at the beach, or emergency shelter on the sports match sideline – you never know when a blanket might come in handy. Keep a wool blanket in the back seat or boot of your car for any occasion that pops up.

When looked after, wool blankets are an investment that will last for many years. Here are some quick tips for taking care of your wool blanket:

1. If your washing machine has a delicate and cold water cycle, you may be able to wash your blanket in the machine, rather than hand wash. Add liquid detergent that is specifically for wool. You may prefer to get your blankets dry cleaned, but always check the label for instructions before making any decisions.
2. Hang your blanket over a clothes horse to dry. Once dry, store your blanket in a dry place, out of direct sunlight as it may cause colours to fade.
3. Depending on their use, wool blankets don’t need regular washing like other linen. Simply shake out your blanked and use a brush to remove excess dirt and loose fibres.

With these ideas, you can be sure that a quality woolen blanket will get plenty of use in your home. Check out our guide to getting the best blankets and throws here.

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What other ways do you use your blankets or throws in your home? Share them in the comments section below!


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