The dress to wear 5 different ways: Together Stud Detail Dress
The dress to wear 5 different ways

5 Ways to Wear One Staple Dress

Cass from Live It, Do It! here talking about ‘The One’ staple dress! As a stay at home mum it can be hard to justify spending copious amounts of money on a new wardrobe for every season.

I’m sure we would all love to be able to do that but it’s just not reality. I believe at this time of our lives, the time of nappy changes, spare kids clothes filling our handbags and having an endless supply of wipes on hand, that we need a staple to our wardrobe. A piece that can be worn with most things and can made made look different and appropriate for different occasions; it’s an investment and this comes down to a dress, a simple staple dress.

So here is my take of 5 ways to wear 1 staple dress:


5 ways to wear 1 staple dress - style 145571: Together Stud Detail Dress
The dress to wear 5 different ways: Together Stud Detail Dress

The girls night out
Every mum needs time out right? To leave the kids at home with hubby, let go and enjoy pure girl time. I love this outfit as it oozes that feeling of letting the chaos of life go and just enjoying being with your girlfriends, drinking cocktails at your favourite bar.

Shop the look: Sara Wide Fit 70’s Boot, Capture Leather Jacket, Next Tan Suede Bucket Bag, Next Gold Necklace. Shop the dress: Together Stud Detail Dress.

Date night
We we go out on a date we want to feel fabulous right? This is the perfect outfit for being just that, absolutely stunning in the stilettos and a bit of bling.

Shop the Date Night Look: Grace Hill Lace Up Pointed Heels, Allure Gold Drop Earings, Arrow Tassle Necklace, Next Grey Suede Tassel Clutch Bag. Shop the dress: Together Stud Detail Dress.

The school run
On the run, all day long right? Well, thats how we feel some days. A lot of mums are into the active wear look for school drop off these days? Why, when you can feel just as comfortable in ACTUAL clothes. This is a great outfit for running around in any type of weather.

Shop the School Run Look: Footbed Slides, Capture Jeggings, Sara Rainy Day Jacket, Next Saddle Bag. Shop the dress: Together Stud Detail Dress.

The work day
For those days when you have to take yourself into the office or a work meeting, comfortable, yet sophisticated. An easy wear.

Shop the Work Day Look: Pointed Court Heel, Capture Dress Jacket, Leather Messenger Bag, Stirling Silver Filigree Charm Necklace. Shop the dress: Together Stud Detail Dress.

To the park
The park becomes a happening place as a mum; many days are spent with a hand firmly attached to your latte and a whole lot of gossip goes down. It’s the place we meet for a sanity session and let our children run riot.

Shop the Park Look: Wide Footbed Sandal, Full Control Leggings, Levi denim Jacket, Double Tassle Bag, Black Fedora Hat. Shop the dress: Together Stud Detail Dress.

So thats it ladies, keeping life simple and fun while on the run. Mums wear many hats and it’s very important not to loose ourselves in the mayhem. It’s fun to feel good.

What is your staple dress in your wardrobe right now?

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